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Asteroid Name: Apollo
Named After: The Greek God of Love, Light
, Talent, Prophecy, Strength and Worship
Asteroid #: 1862
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Might Remind You Of: If Libra and Leo had a baby, who could also predict the future.

Note: Any conjunction more than 2-3 degrees away, will not be felt the same way, because Apollo is not a planet. Trines and sextiles should be exact. Squares and Oppositions should be at 2 degrees. If this is not true in your chart, then you don’t have a lot of Apollo, and that’s okay! You have other asteroids, which I will be writing about later:)


Apollo is the name of my dog. My dog is a white miniature Schnauzer with an iron stomach. Once, when I was pregnant, Apollo ate an entire chocolate cake. I was pretty pissed off, because that was my cake. I was also freaked the eff out, because chocolate is poisonous to dogs. I shoved my fingers in his mouth, and force fed him grass to get him to throw up. Alas, it didn’t matter anyway, the vet found nothing wrong with him. Apollo is a wonder dog. This story is irrelevant, but pretty much my dog’s life story, so I thought I’d share.

Apollo has the asteroid Apollo conjunct his Cancer Sun, something I did not know about when I named him. I actually wanted to give my first born son that name, but my husband was not about that life, so when we got my dog (who was ironically named, Rocky), I changed his name to Apollo. Two years later, my son Remy was born. Remy just so happens to have Apollo conjunct his Sun within 2 degrees. I have Apollo conjunct my Sun within 1 degree. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Apollo is strong here, and for some reason, I knew that even before I started reading up on asteroids.

Side Note: I’ve noticed that most of us instinctively know if an asteroid is going to be prominent in our chart. If we’re honest with ourselves, we tend to know what we lack, as well. For instance, my first article on asteroids, was on Kaali, I knew right away that I did not have Kaali prominent before I even checked. I’m not Kaali material, it’s fairly obvious.

In Greek mythology, Apollo was the epitome of perfection. He is actually what we mean when we say, “he has the body of a Greek god.” Apollo liked to be worshipped, he enjoyed partying, and loved playing music for people–his talent was unrivaled. Apollo was highly intelligent, and always wanted to be the leader. He happened to be a great leader, because he enjoyed harmony, and was never authoritative. Apollo was an island, and did everything by himself. Even in isolation, he was never in danger, but he was very lonely. All of his kids were murdered, and the women he loved, either betrayed him, or he left them after they got boring. The only legacy he could leave was through himself. He had no one, and so he was also selfish.

Now I need to make it clear that I do not have a Greek god body. I’m short legged and my arms are always fat, even when I’m thin. But I also don’t have Apollo conjunct my Ascendant (my physicality). However, my brother happens to have Apollo conjunct his Ascendant, and yes, he is very handsome, and always looks like he works out even when he’s on an all beer diet.
The Sun is your ego, and so when Apollo is conjunct your Ego, it adds that same physical strength in a metaphorical way. Is it conjunct your Venus? You are strong in love. Moon? Strong emotionally. Mercury? Strong minded.

Apollo the god, was actually a savior of weak people. For me, I lack the element Fire in my Chart. Lacking fire in a Birth Chart can cause depression. People who believe they are worthless, tend have no Fire, as Fire is the embodiment of EGO.  As much as we like to bash a person’s ego, that ego is keeping them alive. I personally, felt worthless for quite awhile, thought about suicide constantly, and even tried once, before I was 11. When I say I tried, I mean I got all the tools out, and couldn’t go through with it. There was this voice inside my head, and he said that if I were to live, I would be worthy one day. My ego would never allow me to take my own life, because deep down I did believe I was someone special. Have you seen an 11 year old talk themselves out of slicing their wrists or sticking their chest with a kitchen knife? I’m sure if my parents walked in they would have been devastated. I’m also pretty sure they would have put me in a hospital. After that incident, I stopped imagining throwing myself off balconies, and running into cars.

I think I got serious for a second, so for all of you with no fire like me, I hope you have a savior, like I did in Apollo.

Apollo is selfish. I’m a Libra, Libra’s do everything for everyone and I’m no exception. But those acts do not mean I’m selfless. I’m not. I do it all for the glory of LOVE, it does not mean I do it all for NOTHING. No. Love is something. Not nothing. And I when I said love, I meant recognition. Recognition from doing something worth it’s weight in time and reason. I’ve actually always been bad at volunteering. Even as a good church girl, I’d find reasons to believe my volunteering was not worth it, and on occasion, organize protests about the annoyance of our poorly executed volunteer work. I could go into it, but what a waste of time–just like all the volunteering churches make you do. Let’s just say that you can’t go into a nursing home and start doing the staff’s job, while they sit around and watch you, and say that you did it for God, and that God is pleased. He’s not pleased. Apollo is not pleased. Zeus and Poseidon are probably not pleased.

Apollo is a prophet and a healer. Apollo was given this gift at infancy from his father Zeus, so he was not forced to endure hardships in order to cultivate the ability, like many prophets are. He was revered by many, and people would seek his counsel for his visions of the future. He wasn’t an empath as much as he had the ability to “know”.  Where an empath may fall ill and take on too much of other’s negativity, Apollo was a warrior god, and knew how to protect himself, while still healing. People with strong Apollo, are very intuitive if not psychic, but they don’t get sucked into other’s issues. Although, they tend to create plenty of their own drama, and take issue with those who are not sucked into it.

Apollo is a showboat. Apollo loves the limelight. Apollo people love to talk about, and draw attention to, the planet that Apollo is conjunct. Is Apollo conjunct your Venus? You love discussing your love life and making it seem as interesting, dramatic and beautiful as possible. Is it conjunct your Mars? Your passion is THE ONLY passion and should be recognized. Your moon? Look at how full of feeling I am!! Oh my god! I have the best kind of feeling. Imagine Donald Trump is Apollo, and the planet conjunct, is what Trump is selling. That planet in your chart will always feel like it’s the best, even when it has low points.

A lot of celebrities have Apollo conjunct a planet in the chart. Because Apollo makes you seek out fame–It pushes you in to it, because it firmly believes that you could make it.

Apollo is sunshine, or a spotlight in and of itself. It shines light on the planet it conjuncts. Makes it stand out. Even Apollo trine or sextile a planet, can shine that light, but just a little dimmer as it’s farther away. Harsh aspects like squares and oppositions are similar, though people might grow resentful, before they see how the planet is illuminated and worthy of their admiration. All in all, we tend to worship what shines brightly–so not only will people notice the light, they will also want to get close to it, bask in it, and worship it as well.

In synastry, Apollo will shine light on another persons planet. So, if your Apollo is activated, you will love and worship your partner’s corresponding planet. If someone else’s Apollo is conjunct one of your own planets, you feel so loved and admired that you can’t help but love that person in return. And in this way, Apollo isn’t all good, it can get messy. What about that horrible person and awful relationship that you love against your better judgement? Apollo may be killing you!

Lastly, Apollo has it’s downfalls. Like I said earlier, he’s an island. He works for himself. And so if you’re not careful you may start to worship yourself, or get mad at anyone who treats you less than the god you think you are. You may protect your Apollo/Planet so hard that you end up destroying unarmed peasant foe, with nuclear warheads, instead of what could easily have been a quiet negotiation. I’ve seen Apollo/Venus people crush their already weak spouses. Apollo/Moon people dramatically scream and cry to get their way, over someone less dominant. And I, with my Apollo/Sun, have trampled over people (and kicked them on the way out), for suggesting that they were better than me. These things don’t happen all the time, but when you are at your weakest points in life, Apollo will come out and rage war. So it’s very important as an Apollo person, to keep the rest of your chart in good working order, and harness the balance of fighter and healer, within yourself.

Alyssa Sharpe

Alyssa Sharpe is an Astrologer, YouTuber, Artist, Writer and Creator of the Ascension System. Follow her on Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more.