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One of the many questions I get as an Astrologer is, “What does it mean for those born during a Full Moon?”

Normally a mother will forget a birth time, or sometimes even a birthday, but most mothers never forget if their child came during a Full Moon. There’s something eery about it that makes her remember forever, and then of course, tell her child, so that child can live their whole life feeling like a werewolf.

But it’s not as crazy or interesting as you might think. Well, YOU are interesting, but I’d say there are more fantastical aspects that create werewolves, so we cannot place all the blame on the Full Moon Birthday.

When a Full Moon occurs, it’s because the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the earth. In your birth chart, its pretty much the same thing.

If your Sun sign is Cancer, and the Moon hits Cancer’s opposing sign Capricorn at a close degree, there will be a full moon. If your Sun sign is Aries, and your moon hits Libra? Full Moon.

In Astrology, the Sun sign represents our Freudian/Jungian Ego, and the Moon sign represents our Subjective Response. Having them on opposite ends creates a disconnect between the two. Often times feeling like a constant battle between the head and the heart, or rather living everyday having to make a tough choice:  Should I do what I need to do to survive? Or should I protect myself from emotional pain? Most people are capable of satisfying both, a Full Moon person has to choose one or the other.

The Sun sign also represents the person’s Father, and the Moon is their Mother. So knowing that these two forces are on opposite ends, means you grew up with two very different parents.

Here are the signs of the Zodiac and their opposites. Any two planets in any two opposing signs will create ambivalence inside of you, which is hard to work through:

Independence or Relationships
Being Worth It or Finding Someone Worth It
Making Sense or Being Free
Having a Home or Having Power
Being the King or Changing the World
Real Deadlines or Possibly Impossible Dreams

qtq80-TXvuNALike with any Opposition, balance will be your way of surviving your Full Moon birthday. Finding the House and Sign of both Sun and Moon and learning how to make them compromise, will help that balance. You can go here for your birth chart. 


So what does being born on a full moon actually mean for you?
Well that depends on what is truly going on in your chart, and that is the journey you were meant to take in this lifetime! But the Universe is kind and wants to help, so here are some examples to get your mind working:

Your mother might have never been able to give you what you needed, or was it your father? They both wanted different things for you anyway. They were after all, very different people.
You might have a hard time balancing your emotions with your ego.
You seem to be eternally dancing between your head and heart.
Learning balance within yourself, will help you become a complete person.
Lessons will be learned though your relationships with others.
You will never feel fully be satisfied (like a werewolf?)
Mature when young. Immature when old.
Lack of focus.
Internal struggles.

Alyssa Sharpe

Alyssa Sharpe is an Astrologer, YouTuber, Artist, Writer and Creator of the Ascension System. Follow her on Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more.