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Southern Men

The Canis Major Dynasty

The Hero Nature

The Legend Nature

The Myth Nature

The Canis Major Man

desires the knowledge to show

him how to use his power

& be the savior of the world.

The Canis Major Man chooses to establish stability for himself through careful planning and life investments.

He is generally well liked and charming, but isn’t throwing himself into the ring for that type of attention. He doesn’t enjoy connecting himself to others, unless there is an intelligent reason to do so, like a lucrative business deal. In this way he can seem to run through women or ideas before finally landing on one that makes the most sense and satisfies his logical sensibilities. This is why he is the greater dog–pushing himself higher and higher and making better choices than he did yesterday. 

He has a strong sense of valor and integrity and will uphold those values, and communicate only the most moral or spiritual of ideas–in favor of accepting real people and real faults. This can cause his words to sound pompous, contrived, or hypocritical even. It’s best if he goes easy on others and learns to understand the purpose of finding pleasure, living life, and enjoying it.  

The Southern Kingdom

The Southern Kingdom is home to the inventive, animated, heroic, & socially dominant men in our world, and like his Southern brothers, the Canis Major Man is a masterful & assertive leader, as well. The Canes Major deepens the Southern qualities of heroism & leadership by using his specific energy of Power. The high expectations he puts on himself, make him completely unrelatable to most, and even superior.   He brings a powerful energy–and is always the most interesting person to talk to, because his mind never stops delivering information.


Famous Canis Major Men
The Good & Evil Kings in Your Kingdom
The Hero:

Robert Downey, Jr (Moon in 19° Taurus)

Chris Pratt (Moon in 28° Taurus)

Martin Luther King, Jr (Moon in 19° Pisces)

Kendrick Lamar (Moon in 19° Pisces)

Julian Assange (Moon in 7° Scorpio)

The Legend:

Henry Cavill (Moon in 13° Aquarius)

Charles Manson (Moon in 4° Aquarius)

Harry Styles (Moon in 11° Libra)

Javier Bardem (Moon in 13° Leo)


The Myth:

Chris Evans (Moon in 12° Scorpio)

Andrew Garfield (Moon in 0° Aquarius)

Justin Bieber (Moon in 24° Libra)

Ryan Reynolds (Moon in 3° Scorpio)

Leonardo DiCaprio (Moon in 15° Libra)


The Canis Major is the ALPHA Archetype

KEYWORDS: Knowledge, Wisdom, Stargazing, Truth-Seeking, High, Foresight, Vision, Cultured, Music & Art, Uptight, Transforming, Superhuman, Otherworldly, Dynamic, The End All Be All, Presence, Above, Honor, Respect, Empowered, Branded, Prestigious, Idolized, Changing, Conscious, yet Self-Exploiting.


  • AESTHETIC: Superhero, Space, Blue & White
  • STYLE: Wears a Uniform–Different Items Layered the Same
  • MASTERMIND: Technologically & Future Minded, Creates Business from any Idea

The Canis Major Man's

Public Image & Career Path

The Canis Major falls more Left Brained than Right, meaning he is logical first and creative second. He is self-focused with an emphasis on stability and money, but he is nothing if he can’t higher himself into close connections with others. He has to consistently take his need for stability, and merge it into his true self and soul, and give back to the world--instead of hoarding what he has, or not understanding those that have nothing. Utilizing the Genius of his personality type, he can grow quickly into a more desirable place in the world.

The Hero

Utilizing books, schooling, sociology and other understanding of the world through facts and documented ideas. Recognizing that their brain can hold a lot of information and that it’s important to use the knowledge for good and to help people. The bigger the following, the more people that should be helped—knowing that knowledge is meant to be shared, not hoarded for personal gain. Instagram and Streaming Services are powerful place for him. (This follows his #6 Genius Pattern of Knowledge with The Brand, Woman & Dark Prince.)

The Legend

Utilizing social and economic politics, as well as all forms of communication to present his ideas to the world. He must work through a need to be right over fun, and let out his creative side in his speaking and execution of ideas, or else he can come off as too boring or pompous, and lose his following and career opportunities. Twitter and Streaming Services are powerful places for him. (This follows her #7 Genius Pattern of Knowledge with The Prestige, Romance & Black Knight.)

The Myth

Utilizing music, art and emotional understanding and psychology to get their point across to the masses. They have the ability to feel people from a deep instinctual place, and can exercise a lot of emotional control over themselves, in order to execute it all at one time in a creative, empowering way. The worst thing they can do is speak from their headspace of righteousness and not listen to their instinct. Instagram and Facebook are powerful places for them. (This follows his #8 Genius Pattern of Emotional Intelligence with The Idol, Fire & Magnate.)

Compatibility & Sexuality



The Canis Major Man wants to be in sexual relationships that make him feel powerful, he also enjoys a power couple, or a partner who is on the same page professionally.  He is good at connecting mentally with partners before consummating the relationship.  He is patient with people he wants that he cannot have yet, he’ll work years to win a potential prospect. (More Information Coming Soon!)

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Canis Major vs. Canes Venatici

The Canes Venatici Man holds all the traits that the Canis Major Man wishes he had.  It is hard to accept oneself & not strive to be powerful in an area in which you aren’t naturally, but we all do it.  The Canis Major Man may spend years of his life pushing to be a Canes Venatici, in physical energy & power, and forget to conquer himself first.

If the Canis Major is comfortable in himself, and has tried the other side to see that the grass isn’t greener, he has evolved more into himself. Just remember that the Canes Venatici Man wishes he could have what the Canis Major has naturally.

Notice your Desires:


the Hero desires to be the Dark Prince
the Legend desires to be the Black Knight
the Myth desires to be the Magnate

The Hero

The Hero


The Hero is the Canis Major man who uses his friendliness and charm to grow gain the approval or glory, but is also quite dark and isolated on his own—with an inclination to “go to the light” instead of community or one on one relationships. He may have many loves in his life as a means to feel connected to another person, but he doesn’t have the stamina to keep it going forever. He doesn’t want to fail, he’s loyal and steadfast, but his mind is powerful enough to forgive himself and find a way out. When he is whole, he is more than a man, but also more than a soul. He needs to combine both properties to create a body of strength, with an armor of spiritual or divine power. He is his best when he is allowed to connect to his blood family regularly, either in memory or in physical visits, to bring him back to his roots, so that his need for spiritual mobility doesn’t take him away from the true nature of his life. 

Genius Pattern #6: Knowledge

Being a quick-learner, learned and academic. Succeeding in artistic endeavors, and in innovative ideas and prospects, because of their ability to know what is of worth. Learning and taking in everything, including both higher education and grinding in lower level positions to get to know the ins and outs of their dream career and life. They are natural salespeople with an eye for greatness and have the ability to emulate or copy what they see. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good at doing everything themselves, to keep their name on all of their ideas, but this can sacrifice the integrity and execution of a project. Spending more time becoming an expert on the things they love while delegating tasks to those better suited, will keep them from ending up as a jack of all trades and master of none.

The Hero's Career Path

The Hero’s Video Description

Watch this 7 minute 15 second video on the Hero Nature within the Canis Major Dynasty in the Southern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Legend

The Legend


The Legend is the Canis Major man who bravely faces off with all kinds of obstacles, without moving a finger. He’s strong and fortunate in a very symbolic sense, usually fending off advancements of sex and chaos, in favor of adventure and emotional isolation. He’s a believer, and is very admirable in that he stands up for his ideologies. He doesn’t enjoy the chase, as it creates chaos and turmoil, so he prefers to draw people to him through his intrigue. He uses his mind and perceptiveness, to create beauty around him wherever he goes, and whether or not he faces off physically or mentally with a foe, he never relays a sense of urgency or instability, which is really quite clever.  He does well to remember that he doesn’t want to penetrate as much as he wants to attract happiness, stability and success to him, and that it’s better to be upfront about it—he’s got a cold dark heart and it’s not meant to be melted. 

Genius Pattern #7: Logic

Being intellectual and analytical, while maintaining control over their inner structure, to keep the successful nature of their physical presence in tact and powerful. Succeeding in technical writing, brand curation, and trend-spotting—anything that requires focus, attention to detail. They rely on established structure and long-standing patterns, to observe and report on. Achieving goals that they put in front of them by their ability to streamline energy and accomplish all they set out to do. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good at pushing their body into submission through their mental power, but that doesn’t save them form becoming paralyzed with analytical self-doubt and losing the ability to recognize the gifts in themselves. The addition of pleasure and rest of their body will allow them the freedom of truth and balance, to release the power of their creativity.

The Legend's Career Path

The Legend Video Description

Watch this 7 minute 1 second video on the Legend Nature within the Canis Major Dynasty in the Southern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Myth

The Myth


The Myth is the Canis Major man who transforms the ideology of his generation, by progressing beliefs and knowledge—to bring society into the future. He frees men and women with his strength and diligence, and provides safe places for those in need. He takes this weight on his shoulders, as a purpose and duty, which makes future generations view him as the only sane person in a time of nonsense, but can cause backlash from the current culture. He’s a great actor of sorts—studying humanity and bringing different aspects and nuances of behavior to life to be observed, through internalizing someone else’s behavior and bringing it to the surface. If he’s not careful though, he may lose faith and eventually himself, to isolation and cynicism. He needs to find times to enjoy life, or else he won’t have the ability to give hope to the hopeless—he’ll be downtrodden with them.  

Genius Pattern #8: Emotional Intelligence

Being able to understand the ebb and flow of humanity and how others change and grow, so that they can personally work their way up a social ladder. Through their own focus, mental agility, and empathy, they can succeed in being a spokesperson for social groups, and showcasing themselves as the poster child of their cause. Being superior in ways of creation and image curation, in how they walk and talk, and the stories they tell to remain in public consciousness. On the dark side of the gift, they are great delegators and coaches, because of how aware they are of another’s presence, and can end up heavily influenced by someone else to the point of self-destruction. They are better off rising alone to maintain emotional integrity, so they don’t end up juggling multiple responsibilities and future promises they can’t fulfill.

The Myth's Career Path

The Myth Video Description

Watch this 7 minute 20 second video on the Myth Nature within the Canis Major Dynasty in the Southern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

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