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Eastern Men

The Draco Dynasty

The Fantasy Nature

The Natural Nature

The Matrix Nature

The Draco Man

desires the space to give him

the freedom to create a better life

for all the underdogs.

The Draco Man chooses to live in an artistic and imaginative reality that is more of a metaphor for human life than an actual portrayal of what’s going on.

The Draco Man chooses to live in an artistic and imaginative reality, that is more of a metaphor for human life than an actual portrayal of what’s going on. He uses his creative nature, and understanding of social rules and structure to achieve success on his own terms. His image and friends are of importance to him, as is networking and creating a better world—even if that’s just in his head. Like the dragon, he will never be accepted immediately in a “normal” society, and so it’s up to him to build his own world in which he can invite others to share in his vision. 

His emotional downfall can come from letting too much of himself out at one time, polarizing even the most accepting of people. Not because he’s wrong in his words but because you attract more bees with honey, and he wants people to see his work, he wants followers and he wants the glory and life fulfillment, so he wins all of the above when he manages to tow the line and convince people through his creative expression. 

The Eastern Kingdom

The Eastern Kingdom is home to the imaginative, thoughtful, mysterious, & internally dominant men in our world, and like his Eastern brothers, the Draco Man is an empathic & motivational coach, as well. The Draco deepens the mystery of the Eastern qualities of mystery & internal dominance by using his specific energy of the Soul. His emotional energy & imagination, gives him the freedom to create from a beautiful place. He is forever young, making him the most artistic force of all the masculine energies.
Famous Draco Men
The Good & Evil Kings in Your Kingdom
The Fantasy:

George Washington (Moon in 16° Capricorn)

Keanu Reeves (Moon in 16° Cancer)

Kanye West (Moon in 16° Pisces)

Justin Roiland (Moon in 23° Taurus)

Dan Harmon (Moon in 5° Capricorn)


The Natural:

Marlon Brando (Moon in 13° Aries)

John Krasinski (Moon in 26° Libra)

Andy Warhol (Moon in 13° Aries)

Salvador Dali (Moon in 2° Aries)


The Matrix:

Paul Walker (Moon in 18° Pisces)

Armie Hammer (Moon in 15° Gemini)

Prince Harry (Moon in 21° Taurus)

Woody Allen (Moon in 24° Aquarius)


The Draco is the Lucifer Archetype

KEYWORDS:  Temptation, Desire, Delight, Excitement, Beguile, Fantastical,  Artist, Sleeping Beauty, Talent, Healer, Spiritual, Esoteric, True Sexuality, Mysterious, Guardian, Wanting, Snake Charmer, Universal, Soulful, Forgetful, Stargazer, Symbolic, Protective, About Face, & Humanitarian


  • AESTHETIC: Green, Snakes, Natural
  • STYLE: Trendsetting, Cool
  • MASTERMIND: Can Give Anyone Power, Holds His True Energy Underground

The Draco Man's

Public Image & Career Path

The Draco falls more Artist than Athlete, but he is both. He uses each day to create a new artistic direction in his own life, but he is nothing if he can’t reconcile his nature with that of his higher ambitions to include the recognition of others for all his hard work. He has to consistently take his need to do the right thing and merge it into the desire to be that one in a million, so that he can be the power on earth that he wants to be. He needs people to take him seriously in order for anyone to listen, & this is not something can be faked. Utilizing the Genius of his personality type, he can grow quickly into a more desirable place in the world.

The Fantasy

Utilizing DIY, mixed-media, gaming or role-playing, and other artist expression that requires precision and massive execution, to get his heart into the world. Recognizing that creating something big over time and not releasing anything until it’s perfect and larger than life, gives him pride in creation. On the flip side, releasing things as he makes them, takes from his ability for precision in execution, and ability to formulate entire ideas with mixed-media and full emotional control. YouTube and Instagram are powerful places for him. (This follows his #3 Genius Pattern of Creative Communication with The Symbol, Pioneer & Prodigy.)

The Natural

Utilizing his understanding of people, sociology and social media to present his creative endeavors and "mind-children" into the world. He must get through his fear of being exposed, in order to actually relate to others and give him what he needs for influence, otherwise he ends up falling flat and his stories and words fall on deaf ears. Facebook and LinkedIn are powerful places for him. (This follows his #4 Genius Pattern of Social Intelligence with The Influence, Starlet & Rebel.)

The Matrix

Utilizing his own power and interest in music, poetry, and the sounds of nature and life, in order to touch the hearts of the people around him. Understanding the way the world works and being in-tune with the living and breathing, is the only way for him to approach his own life, lest he falls into a trap of being a socialite, or power player who can’t care for the world, or add anything of use when he's gone—just more followers of destructive sheep. He must be wild and untamed and the world will follow his lead. Travel blogs and Streaming services are powerful places for him. (This follows his #5 Genius Pattern of Willpower with The Lifestyle, Comeback & Gangster.)

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Draco vs. Centaurus

The Centaurus Man holds all the traits that the Draco Man wishes he had.  It is hard to accept oneself & not strive to be powerful in an area in which you aren’t naturally, but we all do it.  The Draco Man may spend years of his life pushing to be a Centaurus, in physical energy & power, and forget to conquer himself first.

If the Draco is comfortable in himself, and has tried the other side to see that the grass isn’t greener, he has evolved more into himself. Just remember that the Centaurus Man wishes he could have what the Draco Man has naturally.

Notice your Desires:


the Fantasy desires to be the Prodigy
the Natural desires to be the Rebel
the Matrix desires to be the Gangster

The Fantasy

The Fantasy


The Fantasy is the Draco man who is not in this life for anything other than what he can make. They make for great artists because of their ability to leave the world as it is, and create from an imaginative place inside of themselves. Because of their fantastical nature, they come off as almost unreal to those around them. In a way they are a symbol of expertise in an area, or even a symbol of what you want in a man—although those two are not mutually exclusive. The Fantasy is an art piece or an artist: he either puts his energy into himself as it’s own creation, or puts his energy into his creation as it is a piece of himself.  He is sure to make a lot of money and create financial stability for himself and those in his life, but if he’s not careful, he may just lose himself to the fantasy he created and leave those he loves, without his true self. 


Being an expert at delivering information through story-telling and an advanced understanding of language, by simplifying complex ideas down to what is exciting and easy to remember. A great writer and performer, with a strong creative flow of thoughts, and an ability to make the mundane feel more exciting, that rarely is blocked—unless they lose access to what makes them human. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good in areas like mediation and HR, as they understand how to cut through the creative spin that other people put on situations, and get straight to the heart of the matter—to see both sides. If they find themselves caught in the middle of other people’s issues or contradictory ideas, they may never find their time to shine in their own right.

The Fantasy's Career Path

The Fantasy Video Description

Watch this 7 minute 49 second video on the Fantasy Nature within the Draco Dynasty in the Eastern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Natural

The Natural


The Natural is the Draco man who’s external efforts rest on his own inner feelings. He has a very strong empathic nature that can show itself in many different ways—usually in the form of creation, but sometimes in confusion about his own inner needs and outer manhood. He is a performer first, human second, trying to take all his idealism and merge it with real life, and he seems very much at ease in his transition, even with his initial confusion. He also has balance—something that limits his dramatics and makes them feel more like sensible actions—even if he’s being over the top on purpose.  He has a lot of charisma, and can slink his way into any situation. He may not be the first you notice or the one you bet the farm on, but is the the one you remember later, and the one that holds everything together. He’s not the charmer, he’s the snake and he is able to lure anyone to him. 


Being a great problem-solver by the way of a high intelligence and social graces—even if they are completely going against the grain, ideologically. This allows them to delegate part of their own ingenious project to very willing participants. They can manipulate to get their way, in what is usually best for the whole of a project of group. A loner so that they may observe and report, and understand the culture and what it needs from them. Usually straightforward writers and speakers, and tend to say more with their facial expressions, which can make them good directors—there is no excess for any reason. On the dark side of this gift they can be very good academically, and consumed by knowledge and learning, trying to gain all the information they can before executing their own vision. If they spend too much time on another person’s study, they may lose their own contribution to society.

The Natural's Career Path

The Natural Video Description

Watch this 8 minute23 second video on the Natural Nature within the Draco Dynasty in the Eastern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Matrix

The Matrix


The Matrix is the Draco man who is the king of the network, so to speak. His actions are directed towards winning approval, knowing the right people, and achieving power, but in a very backwards “I don’t want it” way. His rebellious edge is often rewarded and revered, making it difficult for him to get the satisfaction of standing up to “the man”. He may win, but at the cost of his genuine interest in throwing it all away. It is very easy for him to rise into the spotlight, because he does want to get his thoughts of change, out into the public sphere. With that being said, it’s also not beyond him to create propaganda and false images in order to sell his thoughts—after all, he tends to feel like he could do anything at this point and get away with it. Interestingly, the Matrix also shows a strong amount of self restraint in his actions, he has a lot to throw down, yet refuses to, unless it serves a personal purpose to him. 


Being a force of nature, using their heart to create the power of an iceberg beneath a tropical island—AKA a strong and stable emotional base, underneath a logical and easily understood exterior. Being able to understand sound and music as a way to curb focus and mood, and being able to create and innovate with that emotional strength. They are meant to shine bright, as a beacon of hope for anyone in pain, and lead others to the light through their physical power and presence. On the dark side of this gift is that they are great in Public Relations and catering or serving, and can tend towards curating another person’s presence and work, to maintain that individual’s mass appeal. This can cause the loss of their own emotional power, losing themselves and their emotional stability, in another person’s tidal wave of demons.

The Matrix's Career Path

The Matrix Video Description

Watch this 7 minute 26 second video on the Matrix Nature within the Draco Dynasty in the Eastern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

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