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Northern Women

The Lily Dynasty

The Woman Nature

The Romance Nature

The Fire Nature

The Lily Woman

Gives the World More Freedom

By Using Her Power to

Disrupt the Order.

The Lily Woman creates a harmonious environment through leadership and love, and a symbolic nakedness that allows her to be her true self, with no shame.

She uses her adaptability and friendly nature to get others to follow her lead.  She understands human and societal wants and tries to deliver to them, in an exchange to achieve her own success. She looks at the world with a new pair of eyes and can create from what she sees in her imagination. Like the Lily flower, she is here to remind us to return to our youth, and experience the beauty that comes from beginning again. She knows how leaving behind preconceived notions can change human interaction completely. 

The Lily enjoys adorning her body in costumes and characters, but underneath it all she yearns to be known for who she is, not just for her accolades–ultimately all the adoration in the world given to an idea of who she is, can’t replace connection based on her real self. When she embraces her nakedness, she will truly be as free as the people she inspires. 

The Northern Kingdom

The Northern Kingdom is home to the enigmatic, vulnerable, soulful, & internally conscious women in our world and like her Northern sisters, the Lily woman is transformative, alluring & intimate, as well. The Lily deepens the mystery of the Northern qualities of intimacy & vulnerability by using her specific energy of the Mind. Her relatable voice & powerful mental capacity, gives her the freedom to charm as her true self, while still maintaining her enigma. She is out of your league, but she doesn’t let you know it.  Just as life, so is the Lily Woman.
Famous Lily Women
The Good & Evil Queens in Your Kingdom
The Woman:

Grimes (Moon in 1° Aries)

Bette Davis (Moon in 16° Gemini)

Lauren Bacall (Moon in 28° Aries)

Kelly Ripa (Moon in 28° Libra)


The Romance:

Lily-Rose Depp (Moon in 8° Scorpio)

Brie Larson (Moon in 2° Scorpio)

Katy Perry (Moon in 17° Scorpio)

Miley Cyrus (Moon in 26° Scorpio)


The Fire:

Jennifer Lawrence (Moon in 21° Gemini)

Doja Cat (Moon in 24° Virgo)

Audrey Hepburn  (Moon in 6° Pisces)

Venus Williams (Moon in 27° Leo)

The Lily Woman is the MOTHER EARTH Archetype

KEYWORDS:  Nature, Divine, Witch, Down-To-Earth, Relatable, Deceptive, Lover, Romance, Embracing, Music & Art, Prosperity, Wealth, Majestic, Lilith, Honor, Respect, Elemental, Author, Realist, Perseverance, Remembrance, Dark Royalty, Forbidden Love, Setting Fire, Destroying Man, Gaia & the Green.



  • AESTHETIC: Earth, Air, Water, Fire
  • STYLE: Simple & Refined, Earthy, Basic
  • MASTERMIND: Can Connect with Anyone, Take Control of their Mind and Make it Hers.
Quick Facts


The Lily Woman can be the most beautiful woman in the room, and everyone will still believe that they could be just like her.  She seems attainable, even when she is unattainable. There is a very down-to-earth appeal about her, maybe it looks like an obvious imperfection, or a klutzy walk, but in reality it’s that her beauty radiates from within. No matter what she looks like, she is beautiful because she is REAL.  If the Lily finds herself fighting to be higher than others, or acts “special” she tends to lose her beauty. Audrey Hepburn became the woman’s woman in an era of Marilyn Monroe’s non-relatable bombshell appeal, even when she was probably less relatable than Monroe–it was her Lily beauty that made it so.

Secret Skill

The Lily Woman has the power to use another’s mind as her own, as in make other people, cheat, lie and steal for her. This isn’t to say that Lily is an evil manipulator, she just uses her clever brain to keep evil far away.  At a young age, she most likely realized that she, herself, was not a threat to others, and needed to find a way to protect herself. She tends to collect body-guards, or people who are willing to take the bullets for her. If she has no one she can trust, she might even make her own fan clubs to protect her anonymously, so that she can stay protected while remaining Lily-white.


The Lily Woman has a really powerful mind and so it’s also really easy for her to blackout or reach a psychosis, if on any type of drug (natural or not), or alcohol if she drinks too much or too fast. With her mind, she can very easily put her body into submission if she’s not careful, and refuse herself the nutrients she needs to keep her health up. A rule of thumb would be to avoid artificial sweeteners, chemicals, or food dyes, and eat as naturally as her life allows her too. She should be careful of binging on anything when she’s in her feelings, because that’s a rabbit hole she sometimes can’t get out of.

The Lily Woman's

Public Image & Career Path

The Lily falls more Right Brained than Left, and so even with her incredibly powerful brain, she is creative first, logical second (which makes sense as creation is the strongest force). She is relational and carries a deep connection to other people, but she is nothing if she can’t lower herself into being alone and working on herself in that time, and not just escaping. She has to consistently take her need for love, relationships & acceptance, and merge it into power and control over herself. Her creative power knows no limit, matched with her ability to get close to powerful people, but she could lose herself if she’s not careful. Utilizing the Genius of her personality type, she can grow quickly into a more desirable place in the world.

The Woman

Utilizing books, schooling, sociology and other understanding of the world through facts and documented ideas. Recognizing that their brain can hold a lot of information and that it’s important to use the knowledge for good and to help people. The bigger the following, the more people that should be helped—knowing that knowledge is meant to be shared, not hoarded for personal gain. Instagram and Streaming Services are powerful place for her. (This follows her #6 Genius Pattern of Knowledge with The Brand, Dark Prince & Hero.)

The Romance

Utilizing social and economic politics, as well as all forms of communication to present her ideas to the world. She must work through a need to be right over fun, and let out her creative side in her speaking and execution of ideas, or else she can come off as too boring or pompous, and lose her following and career opportunities. Twitter and Streaming Services are powerful places for her. (This follows her #7 Genius Pattern of Knowledge with The Prestige, Black Knight & Legend.)

The Fire

Utilizing music, art and emotional understanding and psychology to get her point across to the masses. She has the ability to feel people from a deep instinctual place, and can exercise a lot of emotional control over herself, in order to execute it all at one time in a creative, empowering way. The worst thing she can do is speak from her headspace of righteousness and not listen to her instinct. Instagram and Facebook are powerful places for her. (This follows her #8 Genius Pattern of Emotional Intelligence with The Idol, Magnate & Myth.)

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The Mind & Connection of the Lily Woman vs. The Power & Status of the Poppy Woman.

The Poppy Woman is powerful, revered & her energy is strong, which can easily make the Lily feel inferior by comparison.  You see, the Lily woman feels as if she has to fight for power, growth & recognition on a public scale to garner respect from others. People see her as “too relatable,” and not anymore “special” than them. This is irritating to the Lily, because she is a multi-talented genius & that is rarely acknowledged without her forcing the subject, but isn’t that the truth of any great mind? No one knows what you got ’til it’s gone.

In order to have power over people & ascend quickly into a public sphere, the Lily woman has to let go of her connection to others or live in fear of everyone seeing all the mental manipulation she used to get to where she is. Her belief that she cannot live without proving her worth through status, will drive her to do just that, but the consequences are brutal.

If the Lily woman trades her impactful storytelling, relational genius & intense intellect, for what the Poppy has, her mind doesn’t stop working: it becomes manipulating, lying & will even hold truths (she learned in confidence), against and towards the people she loves.  She can work like this & she can tell herself that she is doing the right thing, but contentment here is fleeting, her career success is hanging on a wire & her relationships can be forever damaged.

She doesn’t have to be the most powerful human alive to be respected. She is meant to use her mind in creating innovative ideas, telling great stories & having true connection with others, and respect will come. If she’s striving to turn a career into influence & power over many people, she’ll either end up weaving so many webs of lies to get there, or on the other side, cowering beneath people in power, who enjoy hurting others. The Lily may be good at mental games & riddles, but power play depresses her & gives her anxiety, especially when it backfires.

Her mind works better when it’s clear and centered on love—and NOT for public display, but when no one is looking. She belongs in personal & real relationships with people who love her, not to the world, who will try to break her down. What is inside her, will always be reflected on her outside, physically, relationally & professionally. She doesn’t get to fake it.

It’s not through chasing power down that the Lily woman receives it, it’s when she follows her heart to true friendship & connection that she is transformed.  Her friends become her biggest fans, her lovers become her teammates, and she learns that power is not something she needs to attain for respect, but something she has created through her own mental awareness, and her respect of others & herself.

A Lily woman’s mind is a terrible thing to waste–because she can positively impact the entire world around her, if she’s not focused on what she doesn’t have. She is meant to have great love in her life, surrounded by support, while she switches our species way of thinking into a much more mindful, intelligent & humorous state. If she can do this, the Earth might have a chance in the Universe.

May the Poppy be the Poppy & the Lily be the Lily.

Notice your Desire:


the Woman desires to be the Brand
the Romance desires to be the Prestige
the Fire desires to be the Idol

The Woman

The Woman


The Woman is the Lily woman who knows how to nurture others and stand in her own power without shame.  She really does love to give of herself to the people in her life, and she’s loved because of it. But if she doesn’t receive the same tender nurture and care that she gave another, then things can get a little messy. She can feel prideful about what she is capable of giving, and carry a sense of privilege with her about fairness and equality, when that’s not what she wants. She wants to be valued for her internal gifts not what she gives to people. It’s important for the Woman to fully understand what she wants.  She is the ultimate woman, and so she embodies all of the qualities that are associated with life itself—fun, wit, kind, sexual, interesting, deep and talented, and if any of those qualities are repressed she needs to start releasing them, with self-care and inner work. Otherwise. she may start to hate herself and distrust all around her, feeling isolated and alone, the exact opposite of her original goal. 


Being a quick-learner, learned and academic. Succeeding in artistic endeavors, and in innovative ideas and prospects, because of their ability to know what is of worth. Learning and taking in everything, including both higher education and grinding in lower level positions to get to know the ins and outs of their dream career and life. They are natural salespeople with an eye for greatness and have the ability to emulate or copy what they see. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good at doing everything themselves, to keep their name on all of their ideas, but this can sacrifice the integrity and execution of a project. Spending more time becoming an expert on the things they love while delegating tasks to those better suited, will keep them from ending up as a jack of all trades and master of none.

The Woman's Career Path

The Woman Video Description

Watch this 6 minute 55 second video on the Woman Nature within the Lily Dynasty in the Northern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Romance

The Romance


The Romance is the Lily woman that pulls out all the stops to win the approval of the people in her life. She will go in as seductive vamp, come out chaste and lily white, and try again until you’re into it. There’s no denying the fact that she will gain your attention one way or another. And if she has to, she’ll demand it, or get someone else to fight her battles, for her. Whatever happens, she will work hard to maintain her definitive elegance after the explosion. It’s very rare to see the Romance with a bad hair day, or bad day, in general, not because they don’t exist, but because she is not spending all of this time to get your attention to screw it up with some bad personal publicity. But when it does happen, she will find away to move past it with dignity. Her life is a romantic roller coaster, but her image is that of strategy and success, allowing herself to connect her own body with love and care, will give her true freedom of expression. 


Being intellectual and analytical, while maintaining control over their inner structure, to keep the successful nature of their physical presence in tact and powerful. Succeeding in technical writing, brand curation, and trend-spotting—anything that requires focus, attention to detail. They rely on established structure and long-standing patterns, to observe and report on. Achieving goals that they put in front of them by their ability to streamline energy and accomplish all they set out to do. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good at pushing their body into submission through their mental power, but that doesn’t save them form becoming paralyzed with analytical self-doubt and losing the ability to recognize the gifts in themselves. The addition of pleasure and rest of their body will allow them the freedom of truth and balance, to release the power of their creativity.

The Romance's Career Path

The Romance Video Description

Watch this 7 minute 43 second video on the Romance Nature within the Lily Dynasty in the Northern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Fire

The Fire


The Fire is the Lily Woman who values social approval, and gains self-esteem through visible accomplishments. She is able to empathize quite easily with the needs of the whole, and deliver herself on silver platter to be an important part of a specific group or organization. She seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle when she comes in. What happened before her? No one really remembers, and it’s because no one was quite as connected and excited before she came. Who she is internally is more important than being networked in with the right people, but being put in the position as “the special” allows her to rise very fast. If she’s not careful, she may lose herself, or conform her identity to that of the people around her, and lose what made her so integral in the first place. Who she is, is what people love, who she is not, is what she thinks people want. 


Being able to understand the ebb and flow of humanity and how others change and grow, so that they can personally work their way up a social ladder. Through their own focus, mental agility, and empathy, they can succeed in being a spokesperson for social groups, and showcasing themselves as the poster child of their cause. Being superior in ways of creation and image curation, in how they walk and talk, and the stories they tell to remain in public consciousness. On the dark side of the gift, they are great delegators and coaches, because of how aware they are of another’s presence, and can end up heavily influenced by someone else to the point of self-destruction. They are better off rising alone to maintain emotional integrity, so they don’t end up juggling multiple responsibilities and future promises they can’t fulfill.

The Fire's Career Path

The Fire Video Description

Watch this 6 minute 51 second video on the Fire Nature within the Lily Dynasty in the Northern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

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