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Whether you are a fan of Katy Perry or prefer to read the Farmers Almanac, it’s pretty hard to avoid a casual reference to Mercury Retrograde, at this moment in time. It just shows us how mainstream Astrology has become, how much less ridiculous we sound when we discuss it, and how many more people believe in the effects of the stars, on every day life. (Of course, there will always be those wonderful humans who love to distance themselves from anything that they don’t understand–and to you, I will see you back here in a couple years.)

If you have heard of transit retrogrades, more specifically the transit Mercury Retrograde, and want to casually mention it in conversation, it’s important to understand a little more than the usual:

  • Don’t sign any documents or contracts
  • Don’t start any new projects
  • Don’t buy a house, or car, or vacation
  • Write down everything you can, because you’ll probably forget it otherwise
  • Be wary of things getting lost in the mail, email or translation

These things, of course, are correct, but it’s also correct that you can just stop your life three times a year because a planet decides to appear like it’s going backward. So I think in order to utilize Mercury Retrograde, you need to know the “Why’s” and forget about the “What’s” at least for the next few paragraphs.

Mercury Retrograde happens when the planet Mercury appears to casually back it’s thang up for a couple weeks. Mercury cannot actually move backward in orbit (as I clumsily say in the video at the bottom of this post), it’s an optical illusion created by the earth speeding by Mercury, the same way a car might speed past a train and confuse your eyes.

Since, in Astrology, Mercury rules over our thought, communication, truth and a bunch of other things in this world (like mail, email, transit and travel), Mercury pretending to go backwards, creates a few optical illusions in our daily lives. This transit will fog you up into one big confusing illusion, and unless you choose to hide under your bed:

  • You will have to speak to someone
  • You will have to get in your car (or train or bike)
  • If all of that can be avoided, you will still have to think about shit

To get a better grasp on the shit that goes down, think of the people who have a Retrograde Mercury in their Birth Chart

When a person happens to be born during one of the many Mercury Retrograde transits, we see that all of that Mercury energy seemingly goes inward for the individual, instead of outward.

These people:

  • Make more sense in their heads, than in regular communication
  • Explain in better detail over a written email, than on the phone or in person
  • Probably feel like they are the only good driver on the road

(Most Mercury Retro natives I know, firmly believe that there are no speed limit signs ANYWHERE, and it will be the first thing out of their mouths, when they get pulled over for going 50 in a school zone.)

During these Retrogrades, it’s not just these particular people acting a little off the norm, but it’s EVERYBODY, including you. Including me–while speeding past a stop sign, as I think to myself how needy y’all are for a YouTube video, even though I totally made one a couple days ago, or like a month ago, or like who’s counting?

Mercury Retrograde slows down communication, and it does it for a reason. That reason being, we sometimes just need to slow the eff down. Email and mail may get lost, but how badly do you need that piece of paper? It’s probably just the same, however an annoyance, to ask for it again.

I actually wonder if Mercury Retrograde was all that bad back in the day? I mean, was snail mail delay a huge concern, when we also had to wait hours for freaking dial up internet to load AOL? We could just pass the time on the art program, by drawing circles and then filling them in with the paint bucket–no big deal.

So why shouldn’t you sign a contract, or buy a house during this time?

  • Answer: Because details will escape you (and everyone) and how can you be sure that you are not skimming over some important issue? Does this mean you CAN’T sign a document? No. Double check. Triple check. Get a friend to check. Slow the eff down. Know what’s happening. Be aware that your eyes can deceive you, it doesn’t matter how much smarter you are, than I am. Do the people born with Mercury Retrograde in their birth charts like never sign documents? No, but they process information a little more slowly, and it serves them quite well.

Why shouldn’t you start something new during this time?

  • Answer: Because Mercury Retrograde creates mental illusions. Imagine finding out that what you started was not at all what it seemed. Because that’s the reality that you will live with when the transit is over. You can actually start whatever you like: a new job, a new position at work, a new family, but be aware that it will change and evolve over time.

My advice to everyone is to remember the things that happen during retrogrades–because you might find that you deal with the same personal things, each time. I’ve also noticed that if someone is born with Mercury Retrograde in their birth charts, they tend to be more proactive during these times. If that’s you, it makes sense. You’re just waiting for the rest of the world to get on your level, so that you can crush them with your knowhow.

Concluding statements will be made in the form of this video, from a retrograde, in 2014:

Alyssa Sharpe

Alyssa Sharpe is an Astrologer, YouTuber, Artist, Writer and Creator of the Ascension System. Follow her on Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more.