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Southern Men

The Orion Dynasty

The Undiscovered Nature

The Icon Nature

The Legacy Nature

The Orion Man

desires to create a

new reality under

his own structure.

The Orion man chooses a life that bends to his force of will and creative heart.

He uses his intensity and focus on one thing at a time to create ingenious ideas and plans for a better society. He enjoys his time alone to invent, and equally enjoys expanding his innovation into the ears and souls of all who exist around him. He’s the most creative of men, working backwards from what seems to be universal law. For him, first comes progress and then comes the root. Like the meaning of Orion, he is the dawning, the new man, the one most similar to the earth and what it can become, but before he can forge new lands he must learn the needs of others and allow his vision to be made palatable. 

The Orion man can become aloof to the fact that other people live around him and that they have feelings, but through meditation and emotional exercise he will be able to turn himself into the nurturing man he was born to be. Doing this, will give him the power to lead others to his inspired Utopia and not just make people think he’s lost his marbles.

The Southern Kingdom

The Southern Kingdom is home to the inventive, animated, heroic, & socially dominant men in our world, and like his Southern brothers, the Orion Man is a masterful & assertive leader, as well. The Orion deepens the Southern qualities of inventiveness & that animated behavior, by using his specific energy of Time. The Orion bends time to his will, to build a life, brand, business or what have you, with patience and careful attention to detail.  He brings his own artistic & theatrical touch to whatever he does–there is no mistaking the Orion man as a true original.


Famous Orion Men
The Good & Evil Kings in Your Kingdom
The Undiscovered:

James Dean (Moon in 5° Scorpio)

Casey Affleck (Moon in 5° Scorpio)

Julien Somolita (Moon in 5° Scorpio)


The Icon:

George Michael (Moon in 20° Leo)

Tom Cruise  (Moon in 2° Leo)

Bill Gates (Moon in 8° Aries)

‘Unabomber’ Ted Kaczynski (Moon in 20° Leo)

Russel Wilson (Moon in 20° Leo)


The Legacy:

Michael Fassbender  (Moon in 12° Virgo)

James Franco (Moon in 21° Virgo)

Frank Zappa  (Moon in 21° Virgo)

Justin Timberlake (Moon in 24° Sagittarius)

Adam Driver (Moon in 18° Taurus)


The Orion is the Dark Arts Archetype

KEYWORDS:  Willing, Adventurous, Proud, Silent, Powerful, Spiritual, Destructive, Artistic, Committed, Unconquerable, Rarified, Unique, Original, First, Competitive, Astute, Vulnerable, Extreme, Dramatic, Leader by Example, Power Dominant, Resilience, Life-Giver, Reserved, Faithful. 


  • AESTHETIC: Energy & Magic, Dungeons
  • STYLE: Athletic Hipster, Strategic Facial Hair & Hair
  • MASTERMIND: Knows the Secrets of the Feminine, Can Exploit Them or Empower Them

The Orion Man's

Public Image & Career Path

The Orion man is a Beautiful Intoxicating Criminal. The Earth's roots can represent the present needs of the Orion man, making him incapable of feeling human nature, and so he becomes nothing if he can’t reconcile himself with the way the world views him, and connect to the world and its needs. He has to consistently take his inner desire for personal, familiar gain and merge it into the his communal execution. When he can put light and love on everyone, he is making the world better. Utilizing the Genius of his personality type, he can grow quickly into a more desirable place in the world.

The Undiscovered

Utilizing Creative Presentation, with his music or fashion choices. Recognizing that labeling himself is powerful so that he can draw the right crowd to him to to build him up. On the flip side, a bad use of labels can kill his career and public image. Facebook and Twitter are powerful places for him, (or something similar) because he can post mixed-media. (This follows his #9 Genius Pattern of Encouragement with The Pearl, Supreme, & Champion.)

The Icon

Utilizing the Internet, by blogging, vlogging, podcasting and other mixed-media to present his ideas and life to the world. He must get through fear in order to actually lead others, or else he can become too private and no one is touched by his original and innovative ideas. Youtube and any streaming services are powerful places for him, because he can showcase himself as the main event. (This follows him #1 Genius Pattern of Leadership with The Siren, Immortal & Valiant.)

The Legacy

Utilizing his own lifestyle elements of beauty, health, fitness and putting those out into the world to get people to follow his lead and bring people to a better, more holistic and health-conscious place. The worst thing he can do is allow his home life to go to hell. Instagram and Pinterest are powerful places for him to curate an aesthetic, and share imagery of his life. (This follows his #2 Genius Pattern of Inspiration with The Dream, Warrior & Visionary.)

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Orion vs. Perseus

The Perseus Man holds all the traits that the Orion Man wishes he had.  It is hard to accept oneself & not strive to be powerful in an area in which you aren’t naturally, but we all do it.  The Orion may spend years of his life pushing to be a Perseus, in physical energy & soul, and forget to conquer himself first.

If the Orion is comfortable in himself, and has tried the other side to see that the grass isn’t greener, he has evolved more into himself. Just remember that the Perseus Man wishes he could have what the Orion Man has naturally.

Notice your Desires:


the Undiscovered desires to be the Champion
the Icon desires to be the Valiant
the Legacy desires to be the Visionary

The Undiscovered

The Undiscovered


The Undiscovered is the Orion man who sets out to meet the new world first. He’s the explorer who will brave the unknown, and if he needs to, he will start the fire that sends chaos and destruction into a worn out society. He wears his heart on his sleeve, but his mind is occupied with the mysteries that no one can uncover. He is always ready for anything, and the first to jump in, but he also has to have his emotional life taken care of, or he will feel shaky and lose stability in every part of him.  He knows that what he lets go of, he may never get back, so he has learned to strap himself in and hold down his emotions in self-protection. He will gain inner strength from his own abilities, calming the storm that’s brewing. It may seem wise to share his burden, but in reality the person he shares with may just be looking for a way to enter him with their own toxicity. He is his own man, let it be so. 


Being an effective coach, while breathing life and wonderment into the biggest of cynics. Bringing everyone up around them, and teaching others to know, do, and live to their very best ability. Knowing what they want to achieve, while igniting passion and curiosity into a broken and bored culture. Experts at visualizing the grandest, most idealistic picture and putting it into existence, because of the happy and encouraged people around them.  Very good at getting other people’s light to come out in hard times, so that no one has to stay in pain. On the dark side of this gift, they are analytical and have the ability to pay attention to detail and locating logic inaccuracies, but taking that role on cuts into their greater ability to see big picture and stay above the pain around them. If they get dragged down by tiny details, they will lose that role of lifting others up, and end up having to do it all alone.

The Undiscovered's Career Path

The Undiscovered Video Description

Watch this 6 minute 11 second video on the Undiscovered Nature within the Orion Dynasty in the Southern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Icon

The Icon


The Icon is the Orion man who plays his hand close to his chest, but also has the fortune of mind and spirit to actually win the day. He’s not hard to notice, even at a young age he is capable of attracting the attention of women, something that comes easily—men tend to think he’s a caricature, or over the top at first.  But even with his ability to draw women in, he is very selective about who he actually takes with him on his journey. Men tend to take note of him very late in the game, realizing he was a contender right before he’s won. He feeds off competition, and revels in glory, so he’s tough to stop once he’s started. In the end, he must learn to allow time for a physical connection to another humans, or he will run the risk of losing his body to his soul, losing the physical power he needs to showcase his inner talents. 


Being endowed with natural leadership skills, not through force but by their example and vision, they gain a following. Being able to manage large groups of people and pinpoint powers in others. Academic both creatively and mathematically, which combines nicely to give structure to all of their creative endeavors. Very futuristic in thinking, with expert visualization to make ideas come into being, before their time.  On the dark side of this gift, they are great teachers, because they are not limited to one style of doing, and they enjoy sharing their wealth of knowledge with others in whatever way that person retains it. Teaching can hold them down from execution, as they spend too much time devoted to individual needs, and not allowing others to follow as a group, through leading by example.

The Icon's Career Path

The Icon Video Description

Watch this 6 minute 55 second video on the Icon Nature within the Orion Dynasty in the Southern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Legacy

The Legacy


The Legacy is the Orion man who’s goal is to bring symbolism and metaphors to life through creative and professional forces. He is an artistic man, but also extremely ambitious, as if he’s pushing past a limit that was set before him by an old rule book—that may or may not exist. He likes defying societal rules, but he also finds himself entrapped by them, as he enjoys being awarded for a good deed, and loves to fuel his mental energy in harmonious situations. In other words, as much as he loves to be the badass, he wants the comfort of acceptance, and to be awarded in rest and relaxation for his familiar efforts.  He’s not the one that braves the new world, but he enjoys the chaos that his forbearers introduced, and will make sure to finish what they have started. He will ultimately realize it’s not revenge or power that fuels him, but a belonging to the revolution that he ultimately craves. 


Being forged from the fire, and through the desires of their heart, winning against all odds. Sharing the wisdom that comes from their personal experiences and inspiring others to be strong. Being able to practice temperance and self-control in every area of life, if in total alignment of self. Capable of meticulous planning and strategic vision, to bring forth great quality over commercial quantity—while maintaining commercial appeal. They are good artists with self-restraint, only capturing what matters, while leaving out excess when creating worlds and products for others to enjoy. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good leaders, as they see the potential in everyone, something that others couldn’t see in them when they were trying to make their mark. But if they are too busy leading others, they may spend all their time on perfecting individual people by force, and less time devoted to perfecting their own craft and bringing something new and inventive into the world.

The Legacy's Career Path

The Legacy Video Description

Watch this 6 minute 43 second video on the Legacy Nature within the Orion Dynasty in the Southern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

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