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Eastern Men

The Perseus Dynasty

The Champion Nature

The Valiant Nature

The Legacy Nature

The Perseus Man

wants to make his dreams

a reality on this earth

as it is in heaven.

The Perseus Man chooses to live his life void of all transgression through the means of purification and destruction.

The Perseus Man makes peace through war–on both a metaphorical and physical plain. Like Perseus, he is a warrior, even using the death of a woman to save a woman, or a life for a life, and sometimes he must sacrifice his own image to save something he perceives as greater. Balance is key in everything that he does, team building and community are at his heart. He calms the tides for the collective, by doing things no one else is brave enough to do, even if that’s just standing before the world with his voice, talent or creative endeavors.

Although his life is meant for more, he can find himself running away from anyone who sees him, operating in the shadows with an intense shame of his desire for destruction. He does his life justice when he realizes that he is on earth to protect life from real threats so we can progress, and that without him, good ideas die while he wastes his gifts behind the walls he built. 

The Eastern Kingdom

The Eastern Kingdom is home to the imaginative, thoughtful, mysterious, & internally dominant men in our world, and like his Eastern brothers, the Perseus Man is an empathic & motivational coach, as well. The Perseus deepens the mystery of the Eastern qualities of imaginative & internal dominance by using his specific energy of Reality. Using his imagination he can find new ways to create power over others, by changing their reality.
Famous Perseus Men
The Good & Evil Kings in Your Kingdom
The Champion:

Sebastian Stan (Moon in 5° Gemini)

John Mayer (Moon in 1° Sagittarius)

Michael Jordan (Moon in 10° Sagittarius)


The Valiant:

John F. Kennedy (Moon in 17° Taurus)

Anton LaVey (Moon in 26° Virgo)

Jean-Claude Van Damme (Moon in 26° Virgo)

John Dillinger (Moon in 22° Taurus)


The Visionary:

Walt Disney  (Moon in 9° Libra)

Orlando Bloom (Moon in 0° Scorpio)

Adolph Hitler (Moon in 6° Capricorn)

Jonah Hill (Moon in 6° Cancer)

Franklin D Roosevelt (Moon in 6° Cancer)


The Perseus is the Death & Taxes Archetype

KEYWORDS:  Charming, Seductive, Political, Sensitive, Bright, Pure, Loyal,  Invincible, Intellectual, Creative, Dream, New, Young, Glory, Truth, Beauty, Nobility, Honesty, Natural, Perseverance, Gossip & Rumors, Rational & Straightforward Leader, Shy, Belief & Hope.


  • AESTHETIC: War, Winter Soldier, Champion
  • STYLE: Hair (or Baldness) is a Power Statement (Cut the Head Off Medusa, Made it His Power)
  • MASTERMIND:  Can Turn an Enemy’s Nightmares in to Reality, or a Loved One’s Dreams into Reality.

The Perseus Man's

Public Image & Career Path

The Perseus is a Criminal, but also Elite. He represents the shadow side of life, and this can make him very powerful in life, easily destroying others who get in his way. He must learn to reconcile his nature with that of his public identity, and use his soul in a way of light and love to impact the world. He has to consistently take his desire for power in relationships and merge it with following the lead of others in authority over him. Can he be both a leader and a follower? When he can, he has found his wisdom. Utilizing the Genius of his personality type, he can grow quickly into a more desirable place in the world.

The Champion

Utilizing Creative Presentation, with his music or fashion choices. Recognizing that labeling himself is powerful so that he can draw the right crowd to him to to build him up. On the flip side, a bad use of labels can kill his career and public image. Facebook and Twitter are powerful places for him, (or something similar) because he can post mixed-media. (This follows his #9 Genius Pattern of Encouragement with The Pearl, Supreme, & Undiscovered.)

The Valiant

Utilizing the Internet, by blogging, vlogging, podcasting and other mixed-media to present his ideas and life to the world. He must get through fear in order to actually lead others, or else he can become too private and no one is touched by his original and innovative ideas. Youtube and any streaming services are powerful places for him, because he can showcase himself as the main event. (This follows him #1 Genius Pattern of Leadership with The Siren, Immortal & Icon.)

The Visionary

Utilizing his own lifestyle elements of beauty, health, fitness and putting those out into the world to get people to follow his lead and bring people to a better, more holistic and health-conscious place. The worst thing he can do is allow his home life to go to hell. Instagram and Pinterest are powerful places for him to curate an aesthetic, and share imagery of his life. (This follows his #2 Genius Pattern of Inspiration with The Dream, Warrior & Legacy.)

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Perseus vs. Orion

The Orion Man holds all the traits that the Perseus Man wishes he had.  It is hard to accept oneself & not strive to be powerful in an area in which you aren’t naturally, but we all do it.  The Perseus Man may spend years of his life pushing to be a Orion, in physical energy & power, and forget to conquer himself first.

If the Perseus is comfortable in himself, and has tried the other side to see that the grass isn’t greener, he has evolved more into himself. Just remember that the Orion Man wishes he could have what the Perseus Man has naturally.

Notice your Desires:


the Champion desires to be the Undiscovered
the Valiant desires to be the Icon
the Visionary desires to be the Legacy

The Champion

The Champion


The Champion is the Perseus man who is a natural winner.  Because of his competitive nature, there are not a lot of “losers” or complacent people around him for too long—but he’s not a loner. He is team and community centered, and motivates not through fighting but through high expectations and his own work ethic. He beats himself up for mistakes and works harder than everyone in the room—he doesn’t rely on others to help him. He has a real way of making the group get on his level, but he is so harmonious and likable that he makes people better—not worse. So in the end, those that stay near him reap the rewards of his drive and determination, and win through association. The Champion must know that he only truly wins at life, when he finds himself in the process, and doesn’t think there will be a miraculous place of self-actualization across the finish line. 


Being an effective coach, while breathing life and wonderment into the biggest of cynics. Bringing everyone up around them, and teaching others to know, do, and live to their very best ability. Knowing what they want to achieve, while igniting passion and curiosity into a broken and bored culture. Experts at visualizing the grandest, most idealistic picture and putting it into existence, because of the happy and encouraged people around them.  Very good at getting other people’s light to come out in hard times, so that no one has to stay in pain. On the dark side of this gift, they are analytical and have the ability to pay attention to detail and locating logic inaccuracies, but taking that role on cuts into their greater ability to see big picture and stay above the pain around them. If they get dragged down by tiny details, they will lose that role of lifting others up, and end up having to do it all alone.

The Champion's Career Path

The Champion Video Description

Watch this 7 minute 8 second video on the Champion Nature within the Perseus Dynasty in the Eastern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Valiant

The Valiant


The Valiant is the Perseus man who is capable of leading others through chaos, while remaining calm and in control. He is often thought of as both brave and kind, no matter what his actual situation is, due to his ease of understanding and inherent wisdom he shares, without seeking glory out. He’s not a saint, as he does desire the glory but he gets it from making sure evil is atoned for. Not the one to waste time looking deeper, he takes things at face value-you show him straight facts, or he is bored. He wants the new to be perfect and the old to be corrected or forgotten.  He understands that peace is not the absence of fear or war, but utilizing the correct weapons to destroy the problem painlessly and quickly, as to create a new calm. He is not the pursuer, he is pursued and it is through painful pushing, where he becomes his best self: a man of action. 


Being endowed with natural leadership skills, not through force but by their example and vision, they gain a following. Being able to manage large groups of people and pinpoint powers in others. Academic both creatively and mathematically, which combines nicely to give structure to all of their creative endeavors. Very futuristic in thinking, with expert visualization to make ideas come into being, before their time.  On the dark side of this gift, they are great teachers, because they are not limited to one style of doing, and they enjoy sharing their wealth of knowledge with others in whatever way that person retains it. Teaching can hold them down from execution, as they spend too much time devoted to individual needs, and not allowing others to follow as a group, through leading by example.

The Valiant's Career Path

The Valiant Video Description

Watch this 7 minute 5 second video on the Valiant Nature within the Perseus Dynasty in the Eastern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Visionary

The Visionary


The Visionary is the Perseus man who gains self-esteem through both social approval and visible accomplishments. He has strong feelings and can utilize other people by empathizing with their plight, and then putting them into a team, in which to lead. He is usually indispensable to any group effort, as he can adapt and make himself worthy, through his empathy—if you have a need, he molds himself to fit that need. He understands the value of an image, branding, and a story, and uses those to get himself into the spotlight, but he never actually has time to feel that spotlight on his face, as he’s too busy working on overcoming his next obstacle. There is desire inside of him to be the best and to achieve the most, but he doesn’t rely on someone else to do it for him, he is fully self-actualized in his vision, if he hasn’t already become his vision, but his biggest desire is to lead, and that is ultimately his goal. 


Being forged from the fire, and through the desires of their heart, winning against all odds. Sharing the wisdom that comes from their personal experiences and inspiring others to be strong. Being able to practice temperance and self-control in every area of life, if in total alignment of self. Capable of meticulous planning and strategic vision, to bring forth great quality over commercial quantity—while maintaining commercial appeal. They are good artists with self-restraint, only capturing what matters, while leaving out excess when creating worlds and products for others to enjoy. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good leaders, as they see the potential in everyone, something that others couldn’t see in them when they were trying to make their mark. But if they are too busy leading others, they may spend all their time on perfecting individual people by force, and less time devoted to perfecting their own craft and bringing something new and inventive into the world.

The Visionary's Career Path

The Visionary Video Description

Watch this 8 minute 21 second video on the Visionary Nature within the Perseus Dynasty in the Eastern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

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