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The 2nd/Second House in your birth/natal chart is all about the values that you hold dear. For most of us, our worth and value stems from money and material items, which is why many interpretations of this house are about generating income, and how to utilize it all to be rich.

The 2nd house is a Succedent or supportive house, as it supports and follows the 1st house of Identity. You cannot sustain an identity, if you have no self worth.

Not everyone has planets in their 2nd house, but when you do, you can look to these description to guide your knowledge of yourself. The accuracy of these statements depends on the condition of the planet, so if it does not sound like you, do not dwell. Astrology should not be something we try and make happen, interpretations are always man-made. You know yourself, and the 2nd house wants to make sure that you love yourself also.

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Planets in the Second House:


Sun in the 2nd house: Your ego is in the 2nd house, so you must achieve the 2nd house ideal, before you are truly capable of accomplishing other goals. You will have to learn how to create stability within yourself and understand your true value, only then can you move on with any other part of life. Avoiding this will cause your ego to suffer greatly. Don’t rely on others for money or stability, rely on your own inner ambition and desire to build something on a solid rock. Your Sun has stayed in the 2nd house, instead of moving through the chart, most likely due to a lack of cultivating an identity from the 1st house. You felt the need to create your own value and security, as that was the one thing you knew you could make your own, and so you take it very seriously. Don’t let anyone undermine this, but don’t get so focused on security and money that you forget to master the other stages in life. Build what you need and then move on, going back to “freshen up” your 2nd house as needed.

Moon in the 2nd house: Your emotional wellbeing must always be secure, or you will believe you are worthless. To be emotionally fulfilled, you must work towards a meaningful goal, because money is going to come and go with the tides. Working from home will help you hide out when you need to, and will allow you to go at things at your own pace. Your mother probably instilled in you–through her words or actions–that security is very important and that you could do anything, even if it wasn’t monetarily effective, as long as you loved it. You must allow yourself to love what you do, or there will be no meaning, and you will not find inner happiness and peace. The moon is exalted here, by allowing your emotional nature to find stability, and giving you a good and mostly optimistic view of yourself.

Mercury in the 2nd house: You have a mind for making money, and spend a lot of time thinking about it and talking about it. You might even find yourself talking about how amazing you are, if you’re feeling comfortable. If Mercury is well-aspected, you will understand your own value and have true confidence, and this will give you the encouragement to go and get what you need. You might feel highly ambitious, but not everyone will see this in you, they will just admire what you have built for yourself. If Mercury is badly-aspected, you will have a hard time doing and accomplishing what you need, due to a constant mental-blockage. Eventually, with all your mental activity and communication skills being utilized effectively, you will achieve the money (or whatever else) you need to be happy with yourself, and your life.

Venus in the 2nd house: If your not creating beauty, you are not happy making money. You are completely capable of selling your “art” for stability, and it doesn’t have to be “just a hobby”–no matter what the naysayers in your life have told you. Normally this is a great place for a naturally confident person, but if Venus is badly aspected, you will have to go through some shit, before you finally find that self-assurance. You are good at making money, and can make it doing anything, so make sure that your job is truly fulfilling, and that you’re not just rationalizing something that is demeaning, or irresponsible.

Mars in the 2nd house: You might have had your value and esteem beaten out of you–literally or figuratively, depending on how Mars is aspected. Because of this, you have cultivated an internal ambition and are very competitive when it comes to money. This is a very good trait in itself, but can make you ruthless, or even justify doing illegal things for money (remember: you’re not invincible). You need to learn your worth independently of what you have achieved, and love yourself for who you truly are. Try to forgive those who have wronged you, without seeking revenge, but also learn that you can’t keep trusting the same bad people.

Uranus in the 2nd house: You run from security, walls and money like it’s your job. Maybe these things were abruptly taken from you as a child, or maybe it was a rebellion against your upbringing that started it. Either way, you have learned to live in the chaos at a young age, and now it seems to be something you have let define you. Some people with this placement end up hoarding their fortunes, but live in shacks, or even become homeless for no apparent reason. Don’t allow yourself to live so deeply in chaos that you avoid learning from your family’s mistakes. You can become addicted to going your own way, but remember that compromising with “the norm”, will give you the freedom and security that you simultaneously desire.

Jupiter in the 2nd house: You are a little lazy when it comes to maximizing your earnings. You’re an idealist and don’t have the drive to achieve more money than what comes naturally–i.e. you don’t understand the point of working so much harder, to only gain a little more. Due to this being implanted at a young age, you might have grown up in one of two extremes: Born into government housing and lived off the state OR possibly born an heir or trust-fund baby. Either way, you basically have a natural ability to get money through doing minimal work. You have a great belief in your own abilities, which might idly hang out and serve no real purpose, if not utilized. Jupiter is considered lucky, but I see it less of winning through gambling, and more like someone always having your back when you lose. Remember that if you learn to use Jupiter to it’s maximum potential, you will take that natural belief in yourself, and earn a big payout though a tiny bit of hard work.

Saturn in the 2nd house: Saturn represents your karmic lessons, so finding your true worth and value, will come through working out a lot of your insecurities. Due to your upbringing, you don’t enjoy taking from others, and so you get very angry when someone tries to take from you (or when you see others abusing the system, or abusing someone close to you). Saturn in the 2nd can represent a father-figure who worked very hard to support his family–something that you continually aspire to do and constantly feel like you’re falling short of. You feel very helpless and guilty when you can’t save your loved ones from others preying on them and taking advantage. You tend to wish that you could just take the weight off their others, and put it on your own. Take care of the people you love, but also allow them to make their own decisions. And remember, you shouldn’t need to do everything yourself to feel worthy.

Neptune in the 2nd house: When you were a child, you were not given the tools you needed to believe in yourself the usual way. You might have even had to deal with a delusional, fearful, or highly optimistic parent that painted a dream world picture of life for you, instead of allowing you to face the reality of your shared circumstances. So now, the fact that anyone would think you need a roof over your head to love yourself, seems ridiculous. You’re very confused as to why money is so important to people, because you never seemed to need it or miss it. Don’t forget that money doesn’t have to define you, but it is a means to an end, and can actually help you achieve the dreams that you believed in your whole life.

Pluto in the 2nd house: Your security and belief in yourself, was threatened at a young age, and now you struggle with low self-worth. Sometimes this can mean that you grew up feeling like a protector and keeper of someone else’s happiness, instead of being nurtured and cared for, like a child should be. In the terms of money, you might be afraid of it, or see it as a way to get power over someone else–or the masses. Someone in authority, or control of your life, might have taught you this through their own actions against you, or someone you knew. Pluto is very transformational and if you allow yourself to dive into the hurt, pain and feelings that define your worth, you can come out very alive and very confident.

Chiron in the 2nd: Growing up, your self-worth was demeaned and ridiculed in some way. You have a hard time believing in yourself, and making decisions that honor who you really are. As you have gotten older, even if you don’t always feel confident, you have become a healer for people struggling with their own insecurity about who they are, and why they are. Learning through your natural ability to heal of others in this area, is ultimately what will heal you.

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