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Western Women

The Poppy Dynasty

The Brand Nature

The Prestige Nature

The Idol Nature

The Poppy Woman

Makes the World More

Intoxicating By Challenging

what we are willing to accept.

The Poppy Woman gives new meaning to the way we view purpose, curating a brand, and our public image

She does this by using her chameleon ability to fit in with every type of human, and cultivate support, connections and assets. She has a force of will and a natural power of persuasion that enables her to trek into the unknown, knocking down walls as she goes.  Her presence pulls people to her and no matter how many transformations she undergoes, her followers will always come back for more. Like a drug. Like Opium. Like a Poppy flower.

The Poppy has business acumen, a drive to succeed and a natural prestige, but she can struggle with a need to keep up appearances over keeping personal happiness. If she can let go of personal perfection, her creativity will be released with ease and she will find her happiness, as well as that unattainable glory that she craves. It’s not always easy at the top, but the Poppy really makes it look that way. 

The Western Kingdom

The Western Kingdom is home to the intoxicating, vibrant, strong, & socially conscious women in our world, and like her Western sisters, the Poppy woman is altruistic, benevolent & engaging, as well. The Poppy deepens the way people view the Western qualities of intoxication, vibrance & strength by using her specific energy of creating power where there was once weakness or shame. She brings a powerful energy–and is often the most exciting to look at in a group–because her presence draws a crowd or commotion. She ramps that Western women “engaging” energy up to 1000.
Famous Poppy Women
The Good & Evil Queens in Your Kingdom
The Brand:

Natalie Portman (Moon in 19° Virgo)

Lorde (Moon in 23° Virgo)

Kim Kardashian (Moon in 28° Pisces)

Ava Gardner (Moon in 19° Pisces)

The Prestige:

Oprah Winfrey (Moon in 4° Sagittarius)

Gwyneth Paltrow (Moon in 11° Gemini)

Amy Poehler (Moon in 22° Leo)

Zsa Zsa Gabor (Moon in 13° Leo)


The Idol:

Ariana Grande (Moon in 6° Libra)

Kylie Jenner (Moon in 12° Scorpio)

Agatha Christie (Moon in 6° Libra)

Whoopi Goldberg (Moon in 12° Scorpio)


The Poppy Woman is the OMEGA Archetype

KEYWORDS: Foresight, Vision, Cultured, Informed, Escapist, Transforming, Superhuman, Otherworldly, Dynamic, The End All Be All, Presence, Above, Hypersensitive, Empowered, Branded, Prestigious, Idolized, Revenging, Activating, Polarizing, Changing, Conscious, yet Self-Exploiting.


  • AESTHETIC: Vintage, Fairytale & Requiem
  • STYLE: Naked, Revealing, Dressed for Another Time
  • MASTERMIND: Create an Image & Career from Anything, Attracts People to Her like a Drug
Quick Facts


Poppy women are often hardly dressed, but that fact is not as risqué or as sexually aggressive as one may think. Gwyneth Paltrow & Amy Poehler have an intelligent sexiness about them, even when showing skin. Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian & Ariana Grande are all beautiful & sexualized by society, but their skin showing is not at all unnatural, or uncomfortable to them.  And no type of sexual exploration, by any of these women, is a call for a mate. Their beauty comes from the self-love, not the adoration of others. Their ability to seem vulnerable as if they need a savior, rivals pristine fairytale princesses, but they are actually liberated & free women when they come into their power.

Secret Skill

The Poppy Woman has a great deal of power over individuals and the masses.  She has a way of making anyone–no matter how powerful or intelligent–feel smaller than she is. If life forces were air, then the Poppy is high, and everyone around her is vapor. She may not know this about herself, as she is sensitive and very tormented by criticism of any kind, but it doesn’t change the way she makes others feel. This is the most translucent of armor, but armor just the same. No one can cross a woman who stands on her throne so effortlessly–without AT LEAST going down with her.


The Poppy Woman doesn’t have a lot of grounding and can feel like she’s going to fly away at any second if her body wasn’t holding her down. She is naturally high and soft, therefore she should stay away from anything artificial–fake sugar, energy drinks, pharmaceutical drugs (if possible). Her body functions really well when she is grounded, and if she doesn’t like to work out, eating as if she’s a rabbit can keep her slim–she THRIVES on dark, leafy greens. In that same vein, if she needs a vice–smoking weed or cigarettes (without additives) is the better option. Poppy women tend to naturally carry weight in a masculine way, although they are very feminine in appeal & that enigma adds to her power.

The Poppy Woman's

Public Image & Career Path

The Poppy Woman falls more Left Brained than Right, meaning she is logical first and creative second. The Poppy is great at curating her public image and social influence, but she is nothing if she can’t reconcile her nature with that of her inner work and creative thinking, by lowering herself into good and thoughtful invention that actually benefits humanity and not her own ascension. She has to take her need for exposure and merge it into networking & playing nice with others. The Poppy has the most power when she can master the "network" in her brain, to align her ideas before she just puts them into the world half done--or takes ideas from another person and puts her face on it. At times, she can think of herself as a creative elite, and this can cause her to put out mediocre creation, instead of something more well thought out--her Left brain of masculine structure is stronger than her feminine side of being wild & free, and should be treated as such. Utilizing the Genius of her personality type, she can grow quickly into a more desirable place in the world.

The Brand

Utilizing books, schooling, sociology and other understanding of the world through facts and documented ideas. Recognizing that their brain can hold a lot of information and that it’s important to use the knowledge for good and to help people. The bigger the following, the more people that should be helped—knowing that knowledge is meant to be shared, not hoarded for personal gain. Instagram and Streaming Services are powerful place for her. (This follows her #6 Genius Pattern of Knowledge with The Woman, Dark Prince & Hero.)

The Prestige

Utilizing social and economic politics, as well as all forms of communication to present her ideas to the world. She must work through a need to be right over fun, and let out her creative side in her speaking and execution of ideas, or else she can come off as too boring or pompous, and lose her following and career opportunities. Twitter and Streaming Services are powerful places for her. (This follows her #7 Genius Pattern of Knowledge with The Romance, Black Knight & Legend.)

The Idol

Utilizing music, art and emotional understanding and psychology to get her point across to the masses. She has the ability to feel people from a deep instinctual place, and can exercise a lot of emotional control over herself, in order to execute it all at one time in a creative, empowering way. The worst thing she can do is speak from her headspace of righteousness and not listen to her instinct. Instagram and Facebook are powerful places for her. (This follows her #8 Genius Pattern of Emotional Intelligence with The Fire, Magnate & Myth.)

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the Poppy Vs. the Lily

The Power & Status of the Poppy Woman vs. The Mind & Connection of the Lily Woman.

The Lily Woman is relatable, articulate, strong-minded & can easily make the Poppy feel inferior by comparison.  You see, the Poppy woman is completely otherworldly, alien & confusing to most people–hardly relatable or personable at all.  This is irritating to the Poppy, but it is the effect of her Power, and as you know, with great power comes great responsibility.

In order to have connection, understanding & commitment from others, the Poppy woman has to let go of her power over them, or live isolated in the shadow of her own curated perfection. Her fear of living without relational love, will drive her to do just that, but the consequences are brutal.

If the Poppy woman trades her power & status for what the Lily has, that power doesn’t go easily into the night: it becomes control, resentment & animosity to the people she chose to trade it for.  She can work like this & she can tell herself that she is doing the right thing, but contentment here is fleeting, her loved ones are hurting & her reputation can be forever damaged.

She doesn’t have to be the twin flame or soulmate of anyone, because that only confuses her role & what she is supposed to do with her power: she is meant to use it in her brand, status & business ventures. If she’s striving to turn someone into her loving partner, she may end up strong-arming them when they don’t understand her, or on the other side, cowering beneath a partner who is angry & envious of her power.

Her power is too much to be handled by one person & that’s why she belongs to the world.

It’s not through chasing it down that the Poppy woman receives what she wants, it’s when she follows her heart to glory that she (& everyone around her) is transformed. Her friendships are no longer supportive fans, but those equal in status, working on their own vision-separate from her. Her lovers or no longer subservient, or performative in behavior, but for mutual pleasure & benefit. Her mind is no longer in a state of trying to reach perfection & superiority, but focused on it’s own imperfect connection to the Divine.

There is a great power in this world, and it belongs to the Poppy Woman, not because she is perfect or knows all the answers, but because she is chosen. She is meant to rise up with this power & lead the world to greater heights, while giving humanity a more influential status in the Universe.

May the Lily be the Lily & the Poppy be the Poppy.

Notice your Desires:


the Brand desires to be the Woman
the Prestige desires to be the Romance
the Idol desires to be the Fire

The Brand

The Brand


The Brand is the Poppy woman who always ends up at the center of everything. The world tends to revolve around her, in a natural way—not something she begs for, or even curates, but the center is where she feels the most comfortable. She is an expert at physical and material survival and control, making her extremely impactful and a hard worker. She doesn’t stop when things are satisfactory, she stops when there is no one fighting against her. In a peaceful world, she may find that she is lost, and will drum up an issue, or create controversy/drama, in order to keep the fire going and money coming in. She can send herself into a panic, or even create health issues, if she goes too far, so she should learn to balance what she actually needs and what she really wants—they are not mutually exclusive. 

Genius Pattern #6: Knowledge

Being a quick-learner, learned and academic. Succeeding in artistic endeavors, and in innovative ideas and prospects, because of their ability to know what is of worth. Learning and taking in everything, including both higher education and grinding in lower level positions to get to know the ins and outs of their dream career and life. They are natural salespeople with an eye for greatness and have the ability to emulate or copy what they see. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good at doing everything themselves, to keep their name on all of their ideas, but this can sacrifice the integrity and execution of a project. Spending more time becoming an expert on the things they love while delegating tasks to those better suited, will keep them from ending up as a jack of all trades and master of none.

The Brand's Career Path

The Brand Video Description

Watch this 7 minute 50 second video on the Brand Nature within the Poppy Dynasty in the Western Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Prestige

The Prestige


The Prestige is the Poppy woman that wants everyone around her to do as she does, work how she works and feel what she feels. She immerses herself in her work and lifestyle, curating a beautiful situation.  She doesn’t want to go “at it” alone, but she doesn’t want to live someone else’s life either, so she desires structure  and freedom simultaneously from her partner, so that her dreams can be made true. She works hard on her appearance and her personal power, but she’s not the type to take a risk until she knows she’s ready. The Prestige knows how to get what she wants from people because she’s sharp and charming, and always professional. As long as she allows others the same freedom she requires, instead of molding others to her idea of perfection—she will have true happiness.

Genius Pattern #7: Logic

Being intellectual and analytical, while maintaining control over their inner structure, to keep the successful nature of their physical presence in tact and powerful. Succeeding in technical writing, brand curation, and trend-spotting—anything that requires focus, attention to detail. They rely on established structure and long-standing patterns, to observe and report on. Achieving goals that they put in front of them by their ability to streamline energy and accomplish all they set out to do. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good at pushing their body into submission through their mental power, but that doesn’t save them form becoming paralyzed with analytical self-doubt and losing the ability to recognize the gifts in themselves. The addition of pleasure and rest of their body will allow them the freedom of truth and balance, to release the power of their creativity.

The Prestige's Career Path

The Prestige Video Description

Watch this 6 minute 36 second video on the Prestige Nature within the Poppy Dynasty in the Western Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Idol

The Idol


The Idol is the Poppy that yearns to be a part of a group, clique or organization to feel secure, and will rally to help the causes of others. She may not desire the friendships of the group, as much as she values the safe haven others create, to build and plan. She’s an idealist and a perfectionist, and prefers to not to let herself get messy, however she is a supportive friend, and a great listener if ever anyone else is going through it. She tends to put herself in a position of superiority over others she deems weak or underdogs, instead of working through her feelings and needs, but it fuels her ability to take others with her to reach great heights that they couldn’t reach on their own. Overtime, it’s important that the Idol realizes she’s not a robot, and has to learn  how to access her feelings, over burying them in the security of other people’s problems. 

Genius Pattern #8: Emotional Intelligence

Being able to understand the ebb and flow of humanity and how others change and grow, so that they can personally work their way up a social ladder. Through their own focus, mental agility, and empathy, they can succeed in being a spokesperson for social groups, and showcasing themselves as the poster child of their cause. Being superior in ways of creation and image curation, in how they walk and talk, and the stories they tell to remain in public consciousness. On the dark side of the gift, they are great delegators and coaches, because of how aware they are of another’s presence, and can end up heavily influenced by someone else to the point of self-destruction. They are better off rising alone to maintain emotional integrity, so they don’t end up juggling multiple responsibilities and future promises they can’t fulfill.

The Idol's Career Path

The Idol Video Description

Watch this 6 minute 36 second video on the Idol Nature within the Poppy Dynasty in the Western Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

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