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Northern Women

The Rose Dynasty

The Supreme Nature

The Immortal Nature

The Warrior Nature

The Rose Woman

Makes the World More Beautiful

Through Renewing Belief

In a Glorified Life.

The Rose Woman creates hope in the world, through renewing belief in existence and changing the collective outlook on LIFE.

She does this by using her innate ability to understand the plight of humanity, and in turn has a secret ambition to build new empires and progress society. Her humility can often be mistaken for purity, but she has a rebellious streak that often polarizes people and confuses their own opinions of her. Like the Rose, she has thorns and is not as easily accessible as she looks, but it’s important that she chooses not to trust the people who come into her life without proper vetting.

Ever the enigma, she desires the glory and fame that life can offer, but she’s not the first to open up in front of the world. Due to her fragile nature she is an easy target, and even though she is tough as nails, it’s exhausting to fight when she should be living for herself. Her creativity and power are often seen as stepping stones for bad men, so it’s up to her to keep it for herself, protect her ideas, and reap the rewards.

The Northern Kingdom

The Northern Kingdom is home to the enigmatic, vulnerable, soulful, & internally conscious women in our world and like her Northern sisters, the Rose woman is transformative, alluring & intimate, as well. The Rose deepens the way people view the Northern qualities of reality, consciousness & soul by using her specific energy of creating truth & altering perception. She touches people deeply & most aren’t ready to be awakened to the truth of their own reality, so she protect her Northern vulnerability with venomous thorns.
Famous Rose Women
The Good & Evil Queens in Your Kingdom
The Supreme:

Princess Diana  (Moon in 25° Aquarius)

Gloria Steinem (Moon in 7° Leo)

Camila Cabello (Moon in 28° Sagittarius) 

Amanda Bynes (Moon in 7° Aquarius) 


The Immortal:

Cameron Diaz (Moon in 22° Taurus)

Donatella Versace (Moon in 17° Virgo)

Eva Braun (Moon in 26° Virgo)

Jeannette McCurdy (Moon in 22° Taurus)


The Warrior:

Roseanne Barr (Moon in 5° Gemini)

Meg Ryan (Moon in 21° Aries)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Moon in 3° Aries)

Jessica Chastain (Moon in 5° Gemini)


The Rose Woman is the LIFE Archetype

KEYWORDS: Truth, Beauty, Nobility, Honesty, Natural (Not Synthetic or Artificial), Vulnerable, Extreme, Dramatic, Reverence, Gossip & Rumors, Belief, Faith, Resilience & Perseverance, Rational, Leader, Life-Giver, Alpha-female, Power dominant, Shy & Reserved.

  • AESTHETIC: Natural, Dark & Modern
  • STYLE: Unique & Modern Twists on Classics
  • MASTERMIND: Sharp & Venomous When Crossed, Charming & Charismatic Otherwise. A Rose earns sharper thorns each time she is hurt
Quick Facts


Rose women are often considered quirky or different in their beauty. Think Amanda Bynes, Meg Ryan, Princess Diana and Cameron Diaz–all beautiful & exciting, but it’s their individualism and peculiar and unexpected traits that make them standout. She usually has very striking eyes, and a nice smile that puts people at ease. When they are physically healthy, they light up the room with an almost rainbow aura–when physically unwell, or threatened, they unconsciously shut off their light and can look grey to blend in, for survival.

Secret Skill

The Rose has the uncanny ability to know what everyone else is thinking–good, bad & ugly.  Her power is sometimes “beat out” of her as a child, so that she is more submissive to a complex & evil authority. This can make the Rose internalize the thoughts of others as her own, and take the internalized misogyny of society as a direct attack, causing her depression. When she regains her gifts, she knows to stay away from broken people & authority, instead of letting them hurt her, gaslight & lead her off her path. The Rose uses these preemptive gifts to be her own hero.


The Rose woman has great health when she is paying attention to her physical as well as her spiritual condition.  She is at the top of the compass, holding on for dear life, so even natural “lifting” or “high” substances like marijuana and sugar, cause her to lose her roots & disconnect from her body & reality, causing psychosis or weight gain. It’s the perfect grounding that brings her life. This means working out, eating balanced, being present in the moment & listening to intuition, instinct & divine information. The Rose can actually handle more alcohol than other Dynasties, because depressants help keep her lower as not to fly away, usually alcohol (or spirits) connects her to spirit, without de-rooting her.

The Rose Woman's

Public Image & Career Path

The Rose is the rebel WITH a cause. She is the exposure of the nerve, being directly impacted by the voices of the world and other influence, which she can consistently be fighting against. She becomes nothing if she can’t reconcile her nature with that her roots, and hide a little of her true-self with some valuable perfection and brand curation. She is romantic in they way she expresses herself and her own image, and she should stay away from exposing the raw, real, or gross part of her life, to protect her from evil projection. She has to consistently take her desire for more wisdom in closed doors and merge it into her other desire for exposure—but do it in a powerful and sleek way, because the world is watching. Utilizing the Genius of her personality type, she can grow quickly into a more desirable place in the world.

The Supreme

Utilizing Creative Presentation, with her music or fashion choices. Recognizing that labeling herself is powerful so that she can draw the right crowd to her to build her up. On the flip side, a bad use of labels can kill her career and public image. Facebook and Twitter are powerful places for her, (or something similar) because she can post mixed-media. (This follows her #9 Genius Pattern of Encouragement with The Pearl, Champion & Undiscovered.)

The Immortal

Utilizing the Internet, by blogging, vlogging, podcasting and other mixed-media to present her ideas and life to the world. She must get through fear in order to actually lead others, or else she can become too private and no one is touched by her original and innovative ideas. Youtube and any streaming services are powerful places for her, because she showcase herself as the main event. (This follows her #1 Genius Pattern of Leadership with The Siren, Valiant & Icon.)

The Warrior

Utilizing her own lifestyle elements of beauty, health, fitness and putting those out into the world to get people to follow her lead and bring people to a better, more holistic and health-conscious place. The worst thing she can do is allow her home life to go to hell. Instagram and Pinterest are powerful places for her to curate an aesthetic, and share imagery of her life. (This follows her #2 Genius Pattern of Inspiration with The Dream, Visionary & Legacy.)

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The Sunflower is the Temptation of the Rose Woman.

The Sunflower Woman holds all the traits that the Rose Woman wishes she had.  It is hard to accept oneself & not strive to be powerful in an area in which you aren’t naturally, but we all do it.  The Rose Woman may spend years of her life pushing to be a Sunflower, in physical energy & power, and forget to water her own garden, letting it go to waste.

If the Rose is comfortable in herself, and has tried the other side to see that the grass isn’t greener, she has evolved more into herself. Just remember that in the Sunflower Woman wishes she could have what the Rose has naturally.

Notice your Desire:


the Supreme desires to be the Pearl
the Immortal desires to be the Siren
the Warrior desires to be the Dream

The Supreme

The Supreme


The Supreme is the Rose Woman who wants every piece of her surroundings to be organized, so that she can go with the flow of her instinctual, almost ritualistic and witchy life. She doesn’t do well in cages, or held to rules, even if those rules are the regulations of a normal society—especially if they are not. The Supreme will do what it takes to fight back, however passively, and get what she wants in the end, but usually at the risk of losing herself or everything she has built. When she suffers a loss, she may drown herself in “immorality” such as excessive eating, drinking, rich f*boys, or any kind of otherwise taboo material consumption. She is wise to keep her spiritual goals and worldly goals balanced so that she doesn’t use her inner magic out of spite, but keeps working for the greater good of humanity, that in the end benefits herself.

Genius Pattern #9: Encouragement

Being an effective coach, while breathing life and wonderment into the biggest of cynics. Bringing everyone up around them, and teaching others to know, do, and live to their very best ability. Knowing what they want to achieve, while igniting passion and curiosity into a broken and bored culture. Experts at visualizing the grandest, most idealistic picture and putting it into existence, because of the happy and encouraged people around them.  Very good at getting other people’s light to come out in hard times, so that no one has to stay in pain. On the dark side of this gift, they are analytical and have the ability to pay attention to detail and locating logic inaccuracies, but taking that role on cuts into their greater ability to see big picture and stay above the pain around them. If they get dragged down by tiny details, they will lose that role of lifting others up, and end up having to do it all alone.

The Supreme's Career Path

The Supreme Video Description

The Supreme was originally named “Primrose” as she means “I can’t live without you”. She is classified as a romantic or a scorned lover, but ultimately a witch that was chased after, but too wild, young &  powerful to ever be be burned at the stake. The Supreme is the Maiden in the Rose Dynasty, the one who wants to live, and will suffer no cages as soon as she grows into her true confidence & power.

Watch this 8 minute video on the Supreme Nature within the Rose Dynasty in the Northern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Immortal

The Immortal


The Immortal is the Rose woman who wants to become one with God, nature, and the world around her, so that she can live forever. She doesn’t want to be the voice of a generation, as much as she wants to experience the glory that being before an audience can give her. In this way you could say that her soulmate is everyone at once, and until she has something to offer, she is alone. Because of the risk and the possibility that she may be hated instead of loved, she can choose to become nothing but a completely average compilation of the most basic and popular attributes. She must make sure she knows her truest nature and gifts—that she is a raw talent and only needs refinement, not to assimilate to others. If she can gain a sense of pride in herself and her own dark nature, she just may be the voice her generation needs.

Genius Pattern #1: Leadership

Being endowed with natural leadership skills, not through force but by their example and vision, they gain a following. Being able to manage large groups of people and pinpoint powers in others. Academic both creatively and mathematically, which combines nicely to give structure to all of their creative endeavors. Very futuristic in thinking, with expert visualization to make ideas come into being, before their time.  On the dark side of this gift, they are great teachers, because they are not limited to one style of doing, and they enjoy sharing their wealth of knowledge with others in whatever way that person retains it. Teaching can hold them down from execution, as they spend too much time devoted to individual needs, and not allowing others to follow as a group, through leading by example.

The Immortal's Career Path

The Immortal Video Description

The Immortal was originally named “Violet” as she means “Modesty of Spirit”. She hides herself in shyness or people pleasing, because she feels so exposed to the world. She is the most vulnerable and naked of all the types, but she is also the most willing to take the risk when it’s time, innovating at every action. The Immortal is the Mother energy in the Rose Dynasty, very nurturing and protective and can be used for her comfort, before she recognizes the energy she holds, and what can be built from within her own body.

Watch this 8 1/2 minute video on the Immortal Nature within the Rose Dynasty in the Northern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Warrior

The Warrior


The Warrior is the Rose woman that enjoys spending time with other like-minded, gifted and talented people that she can bounce ideas off of, and create with. She is very connected with others, and it’s easy for her to relax with strangers, and may even exchange a crude joke, an unusual idea, or a truth about herself in untrustworthy company. These things usually make her very well-liked but they also make her very easy to to turn against. Not everyone is here for her knowledge, and people offend easily, but she should never back down. It is important that she never allows herself to grow tired in life—her ideas are too important for her to be ostracized for a misunderstanding from lesser minds, in more powerful roles. She must fight to be alive and it’s there that she gains her power to change the way people think.

Genius Pattern #2: Inspiration

Being forged from the fire, and through the desires of their heart, winning against all odds. Sharing the wisdom that comes from their personal experiences and inspiring others to be strong. Being able to practice temperance and self-control in every area of life, if in total alignment of self. Capable of meticulous planning and strategic vision, to bring forth great quality over commercial quantity—while maintaining commercial appeal. They are good artists with self-restraint, only capturing what matters, while leaving out excess when creating worlds and products for others to enjoy. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good leaders, as they see the potential in everyone, something that others couldn’t see in them when they were trying to make their mark. But if they are too busy leading others, they may spend all their time on perfecting individual people by force, and less time devoted to perfecting their own craft and bringing something new and inventive into the world.

The Warrior's Career Path

The Warrior Video Description

The Warrior takes power from the plant “Rosemary” which means “Remembrance” and is taken from the phrase “Rose of Mary” in honor of the Mother Mary–an archetype that the Warrior aligns with.  The Warrior holds on to all of the pain and power of the past, to help bring us into a better future, while her name comes from the perseverance and reverence a Warrior would need to save a people from sadness. The Warrior is the Crone energy in the Rose Dynasty, born with wisdom beyond her years, and a direct line to the ancient understanding of the comedy/tragedy. She is meant to find her voice so that she can share it, and be an authority over groups, communities & the masses.

Watch this 8 minute video on the Warrior Nature within the Rose Dynasty in the Northern Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

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