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The 2nd/Second House in your birth/natal chart is all about the values that you hold dear. For most of us, our worth and value stems from money and material items, which is why many interpretations of this house are about generating income, and how to utilize it all to be rich.

The 2nd house is a Succedent or supportive house, as it supports and follows the 1st house of Identity. You cannot sustain an identity, if you have no self worth.

Even if you have no planets in your 2nd House, the Sign naturally tells you a lot about your upbringing and personality.

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Signs in the Second House:


Aries in the 2nd house: Your value comes from ambition and independence–so do not be complacent or reliant on others. You love competition and take pride in yourself when you can make more money than your neighbor–so you do find money to be important. You don’t always think about how you’re going to make your earnings, you just do it, and things come very naturally for you. You might spend your money very impulsively, or slack off at work, when you lose respect for authority… remember that blaming others for your lack of income, will not help you succeed in any way. You tend to be afraid of having to support other people, or being used by them, so you might end up being supported and the user, instead. Just be smart and respectful to the things you own and to others, and don’t be selfish with your money, because in that way, you will lose respect and have to rationalize your value.

You will enjoy making money doing Aries things, like: being on your feet, leading others, using energy, working out, taking care of business and not crying about it.

Taurus in the 2nd house: Your value comes from knowing that you work hard and that you have earned the beauty and comfort in which you live. You choose joy in everyday life over money, but a lot of the joy you have, is found in having the nice things in which to surround yourself. You can be selfish with your belongings, but it’s mainly because you don’t want other people hurting, or destroying your stuff. Someone breaks a vase that you own, and it’s like they are saying that they don’t care about you. You might hang on to things for a rainy day that will never come. Learn to let go of the memories frozen in personal items, so that you can get rid of the materials you don’t need. You don’t need to be a hoarder to feel secure.

You will enjoy making money doing Taurus things, like: Eating food and drinking coffee, relaxing, moving at a slow, even pace, having ample time off for hobbies, and doing any artistic endeavor that your parents told you wouldn’t make you rich.

Gemini in the 2nd house: Your value is found in communicating and spending time with close friends and family. Good friends will bring you security and add value to your life with their time and presence. You would prefer to make a decent living surrounded by people that you can tolerate, than make a fortune alone or work in a bad environment. If the people you deem worthy don’t like you, you tend to dislike yourself, so be careful of including too many shitty people in your life, just to counteract the fear of being on your own. You are, however, not someone who cares about the opinion of acquaintances and enemies, which is a gift. You can act bipolar with money, spending like crazy, and then holding on to it for dear life. Learn to save your money, because you never know when the shit will hit the fan and you will be in need, but don’t ever lose your generosity.

You will enjoy making money doing Gemini things, like: Talking face to face, any fast-paced, but superficial environment, using your hands, writing, and not worrying that all of that will be boring to you next week.

Cancer in the 2nd house: Your value is found in your family, loved ones, and what they think of you–this means if you feel rejected by them, you will have a hard time loving yourself, and could start self-harming. You spend or save money out of emotional binging and purging, and not out of any necessity. When you know you might be short on rent, you buy yourself something nice instead. Eventually you must learn how great it feels to save up for something truly nice, without making an impulse decision. You might feel that creating your own family with children, is the best way to find your value, when in reality, their inevitable rejection will cause you to face a greater insecurity. Learn to love yourself before you choose to give your love away, or your spouse and children will suffer silently.

You will enjoy making money doing Cancer things, like: Hiding in your house or a cubicle, pretending that you hate the spotlight, really enjoying your coworkers, or quitting it all, and living life in a cottage where you create art with only your animals as companions.

Leo in the 2nd house: Your value is wrapped up in your ego, and how much income you can generate. It is not that Leo 2nd houses are greedy–they are just fearful of being left without money and security. This is possibly due to watching a parent act foolishly with their money (by hoarding, gambling, etc), instead of giving you basic stability and financial security. Try not to be paralyzed by the fear of living without, just know that you will not make the same mistakes so many do, if you are clear and levelheaded. Remember that it’s very normal for people to dislike you but still want to follow you anywhere–don’t let it effect your view of yourself. Don’t reject gifts out of pride, and by the same token do not take what is not yours, if it’s not offered, first. Building your own security, and pulling yourself up “by your own bootstraps”, will ultimately give you the pride you need to go on living abundantly.

You will enjoy making money doing Leo things, like: Being in the spotlight, signing autographs, telling your life story to a ghostwriter, working with friends and leading others into making an exciting living.

Virgo in the 2nd house: Your value comes from serving others. This, on it’s own, does not automatically make you a good person, though you might have been taught otherwise. You must always check yourself, “Am I doing this to make myself feel worthy, or is it truly to a selfless act?” There is a difference, and the former can actually do more harm to your self-worth, than good, especially if you wait for others to affirm your behavior. Do not allow yourself to be a doormat, and you will find true happiness in the time you spend getting paid for your work, and the time you spend volunteering. Learn to ask for raises and promotions when you feel that you deserve them, and do not take on the role of the unappreciated martyr. Choosing to be a martyr is not a selfless act when there is no need for anyone to sacrifice–it is just foolish.

You will enjoy making money doing Virgo things, like: Tedious things that have to get done, working with small pliers and moving wires around, talking to others via remote satellite instead of in a board room, and pretending to hate every minute of anything you do.

Libra in the 2nd house: Your value comes from joining in fair partnerships. Because of your need to see your worth through the companionship of someone else, you tend to misunderstand someone’s affirmation of you, as letting you take what they have, or vice versa. This is out of a confusion and insecurity, where you believe that you were not valued enough, or that you were not given the security you should have had. In this way, you may get angry at others (who you believe have more than you) for not living up to their true potential, when it’s really you, who is not living up to your own potential. Be careful not to treat another’s gifts or money as if it should belong to you, or take credit for someone else’s work. By the same token, don’t overly praise another for their gifts, and forget to see the work that you have personally created. What seems fair to you, might be asking too much of someone else, and vice-versa. Be willing to make HEALTHY compromises and you will find value in yourself.

You will enjoy making money doing Libra things, like: Having a partner to share credit, pretending that supporting someone is difficult for you (or maybe even wrong) even though you love it, creating beautiful art with others, and sharing all of your endeavors for a lovely and creative learning experience.

Scorpio in the 2nd house: Your value is found in living a meaningful existence, but your actions might counteract this fact with your derived nonchalance about your self-worth and place in the world. You may have a hard time feeling like you are worth spending money on, and because of that you will squander the money that you have been given, or the money that you have earned fairly. Try to build your life up, instead of destroying what you have, and you will give yourself value and self-esteem. If someone gives you a gift, treat it with respect and take care of it. If you earn something, be proud of yourself and don’t throw it away. Take care of your body and your belongings. This is how you will start making the meaningful connections and living the meaningful life that you truly want to live.

You will enjoy making money doing Scorpio things, like: Using up your chaotic energy by working hard, but not having to worry about being relied on, working with weirdos so that you can identify their behaviors, and probably writing about finding love in a dark place.

Sagittarius in the 2nd house: You find your value in any knowledge that you have attained through your own personal observation and reflection. You tend to act like you don’t care about money, but in reality you are very competitive in this area, and that drives you to be successful and wealthy. Try not to hurt those close to you in your quest for your own value and self worth, by being too big picture and avoiding feelings. You also might avoid dealing with your pain, and you even become upset with others who don’t see how hard it is to be you. Remember that the grass isn’t always greener, and so people don’t like to bestow pity if they don’t have to. Also, most people see you as having a healthy self-esteem (even if it’s not true), because of the natural way that you talk yourself “up”. The time you spend wandering and wondering alone is the time that truly learn to love yourself, and it is through these endeavors on your own, that you will really shine and make monetary advancements.

You will enjoy making money doing Sagittarius things, like: Traveling, competing, blowing people’s minds, showing everyone how smart and amazing you are, and winning trophies along the way.

Capricorn in the 2nd house: You find your value in the power you can attain. It’s beneficial for you to be a boss or to lead others, and to eventually create some kind of empire. Because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, you might have had many early blows to your security, which would have made you feel like you have to work hard for your money–no exceptions. There are times you might be able to rest, but instead you focus on gaining extra money, to put away for a rainy day. These early blows to your security might have caused a low self-esteem in your youth, but as you grow, you become very strong in your views of yourself, and your value. It might feel like life is a constant battle uphill, so it’s important to take time and enjoy the love that is given to you, by the people who love what you really are, and not just what you have worked to create.

You will enjoy making money doing Capricorn things like: Working so hard you forget that you have to let your dog out, any work is really fine, as long as you get to prop your feet up on an ottoman and have a beer (or hot green tea), when you get home.

Aquarius in the 2nd house: You find your value in your own unique thoughts and original ideas. Don’t allow yourself to follow the norm of society just for some monetary gain, no matter how ambitious you feel, for it will never satisfy. You definitely have to be the “giver of money” with this position, and you might find that it’s actually difficult to get the same support from others. This is part of the plan, to make you work hard at whatever you do, even if it’s a sort of Robin Hood vigilante thing you do. Like Capricorn in the 2nd house, you probably feel a little shaken from early blows to your security, but unlike Capricorn, you may not realize that asking for money will get old really fast, and is beneath you. Keep working hard and do not ask for handouts, because eventually you will get everything you want, and it will mean more to you, which will give you that unique value that you crave.

You will enjoy making money doing Aquarius things, like: Condescending your coworkers, complaining that you’re worth more than they pay you, and threatening to move somewhere else with your insane gifts of originality, witty banter and rhetoric.

Pisces in the 2nd house: You find your value in loving and being loved in return. Money will never give you self worth, which you seem to be aware of, so you can be pretty nonchalant about it. However, money can be an important means to an end, even if you don’t see it that way, and so you should never be fearful or avoidant of it. Money tends to control those who are most fearful of it, and through that fear and avoidance, you could have the things you love the most, taken from you. Losing what you love is the greatest way to take away from your value and security. Putting effort into doing something worthy of you, that also generates income, will be your keys to success in this life.

You will enjoy making money doing Pisces things, like: Praying (or smoking a joint) before each important decision you make, Loving the people you work with, creating beautiful art, teaching others about spirituality and getting lost without consequences.

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