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Western Women

The Sunflower Dynasty

The Pearl Nature

The Siren Nature

The Dream Nature

The Sunflower Woman





She has the ability to see the motivations of others, and can reach inside them to find gold where there was once only despair–making her a leader.  She understands the emotional and physical needs of everyone around her, and is able to secure stability for herself, her followers, as well as her family. She is a survivor even in death, with a strong stalk and a vibrant and beautiful light that shows in her face, no matter what she’s going through. Just like the Sunflower, she’s always facing the sun.

The Sunflower has an eye for detail, and a devotion to her craft, making her creative prowess unstoppable as long as she can gain self-awareness and curb jealousy. At her pinnacle she understands her power over men as their boss and not their lover or equal. She doesn’t run with the princesses, even when she becomes one

The Western Kingdom

The Western Kingdom is home to the intoxicating, vibrant, strong, & socially conscious women in our world, and like her Western sisters, the Sunflower woman is altruistic, benevolent & engaging, as well. The Sunflower deepens the way people view the Western qualities of altruism, by using her specific energy of understanding the quality of life & Time. She is made to live in the moment, allowing the greatest days to stay with her forever.
Famous Sunflower Women
The Good & Evil Queens in Your Kingdom
The Pearl:

Kourtney Kardashian (Moon in 10° Capricorn)

Paris Jackson (Moon in 10° Cancer)

Lizzy Caplan (Moon in 5° Scorpio)

Leah Remini (Moon in 5° Scorpio)

The Siren:

Meghan Markle (Moon in 4° Libra)

Holly Madison (Moon in 13° Libra)

Monica Belluci (Moon in 2° Leo)

Ronda Rousey (Moon in 26° Aries)


The Dream:

Mother Teresa: (Moon in 18° Taurus)

Grace Kelly: (Moon in 21° Pisces)

Blake Lively (Moon in 12° Virgo)

Sharon Tate (Moon in 12° Virgo)


The Sunflower Woman is the LIGHT Archetype

KEYWORDS: Powerful, Sensitive, Bright, Pure, Spiritual, Committed, Loyal, Unconquerable, Invincible, Intellectual, Rarified, Unique, Mermaid, Dream, New, Young, Original, First, Competitive, Astute, Glory.



  • AESTHETIC: Mermaid, Diamond & Gold
  • STYLE: Mismatched Chaos, Unique Ideas on Old Classics
  • MASTERMIND: Without Lifting a Finger, or Looking Bad, can Make Her Enemies Unravel
Quick Facts


Sunflower Women usually have a masculine & intelligent beauty, that they wear as if they didn’t even know it existed.  Sometimes she might even downplay her beauty so that you don’t mistake her for a pretty girl, without any skills. No matter how she looks, she carries a light energy around her, shocking people with her incredible energy, & healing touch. The Sunflower doesn’t spend as much time putting together outfits or fixing her makeup, as much as she likes to curate her personality to make that more appealing and beautiful to others.

Secret Skill

The Sunflower woman is very good at knowing what someone is feeling, even if that person hasn’t said it, or their mannerisms suggest otherwise. This is a great power she can easily use to be 5 steps ahead anyone. She’s also incredibly believable and convincing, so for her to climb up a company or community hierarchy without being qualified, isn’t uncommon for a Sunflower. She sees what you need, before you know what you need, and then offers her hand to help–helping herself at the same time. On occasion, she gets so far up the ranks without knowing what happened, and realizes she didn’t even want to be there, then goes back home.


The Sunflower can very easily go to a very dark place. The brighter the light, the deeper and scarier that dark will be. She’s good at navigating the dark energy and can even “function” in depression, but it doesn’t help her to do that. She can read other people’s energy, they can’t read hers, so if she doesn’t say what’s going on, no one will know.  Alcohol being a depressant can make any of this worse, and even cause physical health issues. Sunflower’s can be helped a great deal with marijuana and cannabis oil, but their best vice is to always remember to face the sun.

The Sunflower Woman's

Public Image & Career Path

The Sunflower has always been a true Princess. She is personal strength and the power of the soul’s light and love, but she is nothing if she can’t reconcile her nature with that of her shadow, and lower herself into her animalistic dark side. She has to consistently take her unconscious, perfectionist shadow and merge it into her selfish love of every part of her. How can she preach love and light if she is lying to herself or still trying to hide her own true desires? People see her for who she is, even if she doesn’t. Utilizing the Genius of her personality type, she can grow quickly into a more desirable place in the world.

The Pearl

Utilizing Creative Presentation, with her music or fashion choices. Recognizing that labeling herself is powerful so that she can draw the right crowd to her to build her up. On the flip side, a bad use of labels can kill her career and public image. Facebook and Twitter are powerful places for her, (or something similar) because she can post mixed-media. (This follows her #9 Genius Pattern of Encouragement with The Supreme, Champion & Undiscovered.)

The Siren

Utilizing the Internet, by blogging, vlogging, podcasting and other mixed-media to present her ideas and life to the world. She must get through fear in order to actually lead others, or else she can become too private and no one is touched by her original and innovative ideas. Youtube and any streaming services are powerful places for her, because she showcase herself as the main event. (This follows her #1 Genius Pattern of Leadership with The Immortal, Valiant & Icon.)

The Dream

Utilizing her own lifestyle elements of beauty, health, fitness and putting those out into the world to get people to follow her lead and bring people to a better, more holistic and health-conscious place. The worst thing she can do is allow her home life to go to hell. Instagram and Pinterest are powerful places for her to curate an aesthetic, and share imagery of her life. (This follows her #2 Genius Pattern of Inspiration with The Warrior, Visionary & Legacy.)

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The Rose Woman holds all the traits that the Sunflower Woman wishes she had.  It is hard to accept oneself & not strive to be powerful in an area in which you aren’t naturally, but we all do it.  The Sunflower Woman may spend years of her life pushing to be a Rose, in physical energy & power, and forget to water her own garden, letting it go to waste.

If the Sunflower is comfortable in herself, and has tried the other side to see that the grass isn’t greener, she has evolved more into herself. Just remember that the Rose Woman wishes she could have what the Sunflower has naturally.

Notice your Desires:


the Pearl desires to be the Supreme
the Siren desires to be the Immortal
the Dream desires to be the Warrior

The Pearl

The Pearl


Pearl is the Sunflower woman who can truly inflict pain like a man. She is strong in both verbal and physical confrontations, but she is not violent or even overtly masculine, just adept. She is a creator but needs to love her own physical life source before anything, so that she can move forward without feeling like a force contained in a flesh prison. The Pearl tends to do everything in excess, this can be considered devotion or easily fall into gluttony and showcase her inability to harness her emotional tide.  If she wants to be seen as unemotional and logical, she should look to those who handle pain with grace, as mentors, otherwise she’ll find herself feeling superior to others and even become misogynistic. She is a unique woman, with power to push men and women to progress society, she just needs to harness her own energy first. 


Being an effective coach, while breathing life and wonderment into the biggest of cynics. Bringing everyone up around them, and teaching others to know, do, and live to their very best ability. Knowing what they want to achieve, while igniting passion and curiosity into a broken and bored culture. Experts at visualizing the grandest, most idealistic picture and putting it into existence, because of the happy and encouraged people around them.  Very good at getting other people’s light to come out in hard times, so that no one has to stay in pain. On the dark side of this gift, they are analytical and have the ability to pay attention to detail and locating logic inaccuracies, but taking that role on cuts into their greater ability to see big picture and stay above the pain around them. If they get dragged down by tiny details, they will lose that role of lifting others up, and end up having to do it all alone.

The Pearl's Career Path

The Pearl Video Description

Watch this video on the Pearl Nature within the Sunflower Dynasty in the Western Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Siren

The Siren


The Siren is the Sunflower woman who can convincingly cover up the ugly truth, while at the same time cultivating a completely charming public appearance, formulated from the skeletons she’s hiding. She is not showcasing shame nor pretending to be perfect, the Siren is compromising, and expertly balancing these two worlds while protecting others from the hard truth of reality. She has the ability to bring people to life, by reminding them of their humanity without making anyone around feeling awkward or inferior. The problem she faces is isolation, and contempt for others in her life who are merely living in the confines of freedom, something she feels incapable of understanding. If she learns that she actually loves what she does, she doesn’t have to force her views on anyone who chooses to do life another way. 


Being endowed with natural leadership skills, not through force but by their example and vision, they gain a following. Being able to manage large groups of people and pinpoint powers in others. Academic both creatively and mathematically, which combines nicely to give structure to all of their creative endeavors. Very futuristic in thinking, with expert visualization to make ideas come into being, before their time.  On the dark side of this gift, they are great teachers, because they are not limited to one style of doing, and they enjoy sharing their wealth of knowledge with others in whatever way that person retains it. Teaching can hold them down from execution, as they spend too much time devoted to individual needs, and not allowing others to follow as a group, through leading by example.

The Siren's Career Path

The Siren Video Description

Watch this video on the Siren Nature within the Sunflower Dynasty in the Western Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

The Dream

The Dream


The Dream is the Sunflower woman who understands life’s emotional nature, but manages to hold her own down in the name of pleasing her environment. This can cause a status paradox, where she must put extra energy and attention into the people she encounters, just to survive. Where others can not lift a finger and be accepted, she seems to have to go the extra mile. Understanding the psychology of others is all fuel for her projects and ideas—the fact that she does love to be social but doesn’t want people digging into her shit, is her reasoning for even trying. The Dream seems to have insight into everyone’s head and good at everything she puts her mind to, but should always remember to do less than other people think she should. She’s doing enough. In that regard, she needs to put extra love, attention, and care into her body and mind, and she is allowed to check out at anytime and just tell it like it is.  


Being forged from the fire, and through the desires of their heart, winning against all odds. Sharing the wisdom that comes from their personal experiences and inspiring others to be strong. Being able to practice temperance and self-control in every area of life, if in total alignment of self. Capable of meticulous planning and strategic vision, to bring forth great quality over commercial quantity—while maintaining commercial appeal. They are good artists with self-restraint, only capturing what matters, while leaving out excess when creating worlds and products for others to enjoy. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good leaders, as they see the potential in everyone, something that others couldn’t see in them when they were trying to make their mark. But if they are too busy leading others, they may spend all their time on perfecting individual people by force, and less time devoted to perfecting their own craft and bringing something new and inventive into the world.

The Dream's Career Path

The Dream Video Description

Watch this video on the Dream Nature within the Sunflower Dynasty in the Western Kingdom. You are 1 of 36 Personality types, based on your exact time of birth.

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