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Gemini Rules the 3rd House of COMMUNICATION, COMMUNITY and CHILDHOOD. Basically this is the “Street where you live” as well as the street where you LIVED. Everything you find in this house represents some of the earliest stages of your development and learning how to TALK.

These are the short descriptions for planets and signs in the 3rd House.  Longer ones to come! (Scroll Down For Video):

Signs in the 3rd House:

Aries in the 3rd: You feel fulfilled in a community where you can garner praise independently of your peers. You express yourself in a dynamic way.

Taurus in the 3rd: You feel fulfilled when you can share your creative talents with your community. You tend to stay in the same place (location, community), as long as you know that you are desired. You express yourself in an artistic/musical way.

Gemini in the 3rd: You feel fulfilled in a community with constant interaction. You get bored easily at home, so could be addicted to video games. Might express your opinion quite loudly.

Cancer in the 3rd: You feel fulfilled when your neighbors share their food and time, like you are all family. Tend to take on the “mom role” in your community.

Leo in the 3rd: You feel fulfilled when you are the master of your domain. Might be perfectly fine being the big fish in the little pond. You express yourself with a roar, and dominate local gatherings/events/bars.

Virgo in the 3rd: You feel fulfilled when you are appreciated for all your extra contributions to your community. You express yourself through serving other people, and usually quite well.

Libra in the 3rd: You feel fulfilled when you have a sidekick in your community. Having someone to finish your sentences, and play off your jokes takes the pressure off you to perform. You express yourself in a charming way.

Scorpio in the 3rd: You feel fulfilled when you only have yourself to relate to daily. Talking to strangers gets weird, but you wouldn’t mind a friend that’s similarly awkward. You express yourself in a mysterious way, if at all. You might be dyslexic, or have a deep insecurity about the way you speak.

Sagittarius in the 3rd: You feel fulfilled when you can move far away from where you were raised. It’s call wanderlust, and you have a lot of it. If you can’t move, you’ll feel caged in, and might be a heavy day dreamer. You express yourself with abstracts thoughts and difficulty.

Capricorn in the 3rd: You feel fulfilled when you are respected in your community. Politician and Law enforcement are common here. You express yourself with authority and power, and to get really testy when you are not listened to, which probably happens a lot (Capricorn=Saturn)

Aquarius in the 3rd: You feel fulfilled when you can show people new ways to live in the community. You express yourself with originality, but also authority.

Pisces in the 3rd. You Feel fulfilled when you can help the community handle its hardships, though you take on too much with a blind optimism about other’s intentions. You express yourself with empathy and true caring.

How the element of your sign, handles electronics:

Earth in the 3rd would rather work than escape through meaningless apps. They have longer attention spans, and don’t want/need social shit.

Fire in the 3rd have short attention spans and can’t spend too much time in front of a screen, unless it’s for their work or FaceTime/text.

Water in the 3rd tend to escape through social media and can get caught up in artificial communities such as Internet friends over neighbors.

Air in the 3rd house, tend to get bored easily, so they get hooked on video games/TV/apps more than any other element, just for the interaction.

Planets in the 3rd:

If you have no planets in the 3rd, just take the sign and build that. Everyone must express, not everyone has a planet aiding or hindering. A stellium or 3 or more planets in a house, gives that house a lot of power. 3rd house stellium people are hilarious with strong voices.

Sun in the 3rd: Your ego is caught up in what your community thinks of you. You tend to have strong ties to your hometown. A leader among your peers. You truly are the voice of your community. Even if you leave, Your heart is always where your friends are. Big fish, little pond is alright with you.

Moon in the 3rd: You have strong emotional ties to you community. You are very emotionally expressive. Your mother was witty, yet little crazy. You a very verbal about how you feel about people.

Mercury in the 3rd: You have a quick mind. Feel bipolar and genius all at once. You want to articulate everything. You were probably encouraged to talk as a kid.

Venus in the 3rd: You desire relationships in everyday and have a love of the arts. Unless Venus is badly aspected, you’re encouraged to cultivate a talent as a kid. People tend to enjoy listening to you.

Mars in the 3rd: The ability to express yourself on your own terms was bullied out of you, by a parent or authoritative figure–like a teacher. You are very forceful now, even if no one opposes you, which can cause you to eat your words a lot.

Uranus in the 3rd: You had an unconventional upbringing. Quite possibly you were moved around a lot and never got to make a lot of friends growing up, and so were very hurt by it. Now you can’t stay in one place too long, but do desire roots.

Saturn in the 3rd: You had a difficult time expressing yourself and probably believed the lie that you were stupid or that the words you have to say are unimportant. Work hard on communicating and you will grow.

Jupiter in the 3rd: You have a love and talent for writing/speaking but may never grow at it, assuming that you’ve peaked or don’t need help. Just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean you’re the best. Always take pride in your work and your community. Don’t mock it or take it for granted.

Neptune in the 3rd: You need to work on listening to your own voice. You might take others ideas as your own and escape into artificial communities.

Pluto in the 3rd: You were very damaged by your upbringing or things in your past, and often times kept to yourself. There might have been fear in you keeping you inside, and afraid to express any and all personal opinions, that you must overcome now.

Chiron in the 3rd: Click here for personal story and interpretation, until shorter explanation is added.

Watch the 3rd House Video Here:

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