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The 11th House in Astrology, ruled by Aquarius, has now become the new home to the Internet. But what does this mean to us?

What do we see when we look to the Internet, answers, entertainment, instant gratification? Are we seeing what it is doing to us as individuals and a society?

The Internet, in itself, is not bad. It has brought so many advancements, bringing together individuals of varying interests to create beautiful communities. This in essence is the true power of Aquarian energy. 

There is another side to Aquarian energy however that the Internet has also taken on. This is one of detachment and placing more importance on what one perceives as fact, while discarding what could actually be the truth out of superiority. This has led to a mass desensitization. One that has made sharing things of horror, that would have in the past been distasteful in the least, normalized. Thus normalizing so many other behaviors that no one even notices, these same behaviors are toxic not only to the individual but those who look to these individuals for direction in their own lives. This leads us to how the distance creates the fantasy. The world that we cannot physically access is a dream and a nightmare, depending on where you place your trust and self-worth.

The Internet’s Persona

Masks are rampant, and interestingly enough, commonplace in every culture around the world. These masks spoken of are personas. The Internet personas that are more “real” than actual reality. The Internet has become a place of escaping to dreams, a place where you can be perfect. This is met by applause, to be perfect without flaws is celebrated, it is made the standard that should be achieved. It breeds Envy and insecurity. It garners people who cater to the masks that hold the personas intact, out of fear of the dream dissipating and the truth being revealed. Defend to your detriment by force of Wrath those you revere, defend them to your bitter end while they hide safely behind their mask. Sloth runs free behind the mask, creating safety in numbers, by merely existing. Breeding Greed, for what belongs to one persona cannot belong to another. There is not enough to go around and this fear will not allow for others to take “clout” or “followers”, for sharing is not caring in this disillusioned world. This world is one where only one persona can be in control or there is no control, cultivating the lie and keeping the nightmare held in place by fear. Pride that is hurt by the slight of losing the loyalty that belongs to the illusion they have so painstakingly created creates a new desperation. The ones who idolize these personas, without ever wanting to see the person behind the mask, are lost in their own Gluttony. The need to keep being fed the lies in order to continue to live, working towards an unattainable dream that is the Golden Carrot on the String. These personas are in constant need of attention to the extreme, they encourage Lust for them in every sense, even if they make their persona one that abhors the thought, and denies the need for any such attention. These personas have mastered manipulation and know how much they are needed by lost souls, the ones that crave what they feel they can possibly have just by adding to the droves of mindless numbers. These personas do not see humans. They see trends, dollar signs, and each of these lost souls is merely another notch on a belt that grows more and more, ever insatiable and evil to its core.

Why do you get such a rush from going viral from a post? Is there any meaning to the content you choose to digest? Why do you feel the need to let others lead you, when you are the only one who understands yourself? Do you feel, by turning your back to what causes you pain and filling that space with empty illusion, you will somehow heal? How much are you worth? Are you really okay with merely being another number? When was the last time you took a good look at where you place your trust? Have you ever really looked to yourself for the answers, or just blindly followed hoping to fall in love with someone else’s dream?

The Age of Aquarius is not meant to send us into the dark ages, where seeing perfection is normal and murder or cruelty are mere passed along in pictures in videos. It is not meant for us to be stagnant and feel we have done our part by liking and sharing on social media. The Humanity that we possess is something that cannot be replicated, each of us is unique. Another’s dream is not your treasure. Measure your success by your happiness and bring joy to your existence by being different and doing what you love. Aquarius is for celebrating the individual and coming together in doing so. This division brought on by detachment serves only to push us back, we are heading into the Age of The People, not into the Age of Kings. To have a King now is to have a Dictator, no freedom, only ruthless structure. Facts that are not Truth will rule over us all unless we can stop, look in the mirror, and start to see the beauty in honesty, individuality, creativity, ingenuity, diversity, and community. 

Cosmic Mermaid

Cosmic Mermaid, penname Lilith Immortal, is an Intuitive Astrologer and Tarot Reader. As a creator, writer, and artist with a passion for Shadow Work and Integration through the Healing of the Sacred Feminine, she hopes to bring clarity through her innate gifts of Astrology and Tarot, plus any channeled messages she receives. She has a myriad of gifts that she uses during her live streams on her Twitch Channel as well as her personal sessions with those who seek her guidance. She aims to give guidance to those who choose to accept the tools to do what is needed for their growth. Her no-nonsense, tough-love approach is that which is meant to show truth that comes from the beauty of individuality, creativity, and acknowledging the peace that comes from understanding the darkness.