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Each Dynasty Personality Type has a gift that is highlighted through our personal choice.


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Genius Pattern #1: Leadership

Siren, Immortal, Valiant, Icon

Being endowed with natural leadership skills, not through force but by their example and vision, they gain a following. Being able to manage large groups of people and pinpoint powers in others. Academic both creatively and mathematically, which combines nicely to give structure to all of their creative endeavors. Very futuristic in thinking, with expert visualization to make ideas come into being, before their time. On the dark side of this gift, they are great teachers, because they are not limited to one style of doing, and they enjoy sharing their wealth of knowledge with others in whatever way that person retains it. Teaching can hold them down from execution, as they spend too much time devoted to individual needs, and not allowing others to follow as a group, through leading by example.


Genius Pattern #2: Inspiration

Dream, Warrior, Visionary, Legacy

Being forged from the fire, and through the desires of their heart, winning against all odds. Sharing the wisdom that comes from their personal experiences and inspiring others to be strong. Being able to practice temperance and self-control in every area of life, if in total alignment of self. Capable of meticulous planning and strategic vision, to bring forth great quality over commercial quantity—while maintaining commercial appeal. They are good artists with self-restraint, only capturing what matters, while leaving out excess when creating worlds and products for others to enjoy. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good leaders, as they see the potential in everyone, something that others couldn’t see in them when they were trying to make their mark. But if they are too busy leading others, they may spend all their time on perfecting individual people by force, and less time devoted to perfecting their own craft and bringing something new and inventive into the world.


Genius Pattern #3: Creative Communication

Symbol, Pioneer, Fantasy, Prodigy

Being an expert at delivering information through story-telling and an advanced understanding of language, by simplifying complex ideas down to what is exciting and easy to remember. A great writer and performer, with a strong creative flow of thoughts, and an ability to make the mundane feel more exciting, that rarely is blocked—unless they lose access to what makes them human. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good in areas like mediation and HR, as they understand how to cut through the creative spin that other people put on situations, and get straight to the heart of the matter—to see both sides. If they find themselves caught in the middle of other people’s issues or contradictory ideas, they may never find their time to shine in their own right.


Genius Pattern #4: Social Intelligence

Influence, Starlet, Natural, Rebel

Being a great problem-solver by the way of a high intelligence and social graces—even if they are completely going against the grain, ideologically. This allows them to delegate part of their own ingenious project to very willing participants. They can manipulate to get their way, in what is usually best for the whole of a project of group. A loner so that they may observe and report, and understand the culture and what it needs from them. Usually straightforward writers and speakers, and tend to say more with their facial expressions, which can make them good directors—there is no excess for any reason. On the dark side of this gift they can be very good academically, and consumed by knowledge and learning, trying to gain all the information they can before executing their own vision. If they spend too much time on another person’s study, they may lose their own contribution to society.


Genius Pattern #5: Willpower

Lifestyle, Comeback, Matrix, Gangster

Being a force of nature, using their heart to create the power of an iceberg beneath a tropical island—AKA a strong and stable emotional base, underneath a logical and easily understood exterior. Being able to understand sound and music as a way to curb focus and mood, and being able to create and innovate with that emotional strength. They are meant to shine bright, as a beacon of hope for anyone in pain, and lead others to the light through their physical power and presence. On the dark side of this gift is that they are great in Public Relations and catering or serving, and can tend towards curating another person’s presence and work, to maintain that individual’s mass appeal. This can cause the loss of their own emotional power, losing themselves and their emotional stability, in another person’s tidal wave of demons.


Genius Pattern #6: Knowledge

Brand, Woman, Dark Prince, Hero

Being a quick-learner, learned and academic. Succeeding in artistic endeavors, and in innovative ideas and prospects, because of their ability to know what is of worth. Learning and taking in everything, including both higher education and grinding in lower level positions to get to know the ins and outs of their dream career and life. They are natural salespeople with an eye for greatness and have the ability to emulate or copy what they see. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good at doing everything themselves, to keep their name on all of their ideas, but this can sacrifice the integrity and execution of a project. Spending more time becoming an expert on the things they love while delegating tasks to those better suited, will keep them from ending up as a jack of all trades and master of none.


Genius Pattern #7: Logic

Prestige, Romance, Black Knight, Legend

Being intellectual and analytical, while maintaining control over their inner structure, to keep the successful nature of their physical presence in tact and powerful. Succeeding in technical writing, brand curation, and trend-spotting—anything that requires focus, attention to detail. They rely on established structure and long-standing patterns, to observe and report on. Achieving goals that they put in front of them by their ability to streamline energy and accomplish all they set out to do. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good at pushing their body into submission through their mental power, but that doesn’t save them form becoming paralyzed with analytical self-doubt and losing the ability to recognize the gifts in themselves. The addition of pleasure and rest of their body will allow them the freedom of truth and balance, to release the power of their creativity.


Genius Pattern #8: Emotional Intelligence

Idol, Fire, Magnate, Myth

Being able to understand the ebb and flow of humanity and how others change and grow, so that they can personally work their way up a social ladder. Through their own focus, mental agility, and empathy, they can succeed in being a spokesperson for social groups, and showcasing themselves as the poster child of their cause. Being superior in ways of creation and image curation, in how they walk and talk, and the stories they tell to remain in public consciousness. On the dark side of the gift, they are great delegators and coaches, because of how aware they are of another’s presence, and can end up heavily influenced by someone else to the point of self-destruction. They are better off rising alone to maintain emotional integrity, so they don’t end up juggling multiple responsibilities and future promises they can’t fulfill.


Genius Pattern #9: Encouragement

Pearl, Supreme, Champion, Undiscovered

Being an effective coach, while breathing life and wonderment into the biggest of cynics. Bringing everyone up around them, and teaching others to know, do, and live to their very best ability. Knowing what they want to achieve, while igniting passion and curiosity into a broken and bored culture. Experts at visualizing the grandest, most idealistic picture and putting it into existence, because of the happy and encouraged people around them. Very good at getting other people’s light to come out in hard times, so that no one has to stay in pain. On the dark side of this gift, they are analytical and have the ability to pay attention to detail and locating logic inaccuracies, but taking that role on cuts into their greater ability to see big picture and stay above the pain around them. If they get dragged down by tiny details, they will lose that role of lifting others up, and end up having to do it all alone.

Alyssa Sharpe

Alyssa Sharpe is an Astrologer, YouTuber, Artist, Writer and Creator of the Ascension System. Follow her on Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more.