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Virgo Midheaven Brand Analysis

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The Virgo Midheaven Brand.

3 Important Details.


The most popular brands & style of the Virgo Midheaven tend to stick to one color from head to toe, or from logo to product.


When the Virgo MC’s carry themselves taller, or create long lines with their style, they make others revere them. This seemingly counteracts society’s love of the Virgo Midheaven’s playful personality, but at the same time explains why Virgo MC’s are so INTRIGUING.


Virgo Energy is the GOAT of being the everyman/everywoman while still maintaining power & influence over others. Branding meant for ALL people & appealing to everyone with a laid back charisma, is one of the ways they stay well liked.  Without this energy, any sense of ego can make society quickly turn on them.

Virgo Midheaven Color Palettes

Virgo Color Palette

The Twilight Sky HEX #175583
The Silver Moon HEX #c5d1da
Demeter’s Grain HEX #a2b43d
Golden Hour HEX #ffde06
Young Blood HEX #cc0000

Neutral Palette #3

Black HEX #000000
Dark Brown HEX #553316
Gold HEX #d4af37
Tan HEX #d2b48c
Sand HEX #ffefdb

Logo Color Scheme Inspiration

(made with

Color Schemes in Virgo MC Photos

(made with

Power Color #1: Yellow & Gold

Virgo is the goddess of the harvest. Reaping the golden wheat at the end of Summer, heading into golden hour. Virgo energy at the Midheaven uses gold (or yellow) as a statement that defines their statuesque demeanor.

The Best of Both Worlds

Virgo Midheaven natives win awards & accolades & are very in control of their public image--so that they are not seen as less than perfect. However, the audience enjoys them when they appear relatable, laugh at themselves & use self-deprecating humor.


The Lifestyle. Let them into your Ornate, Clean, Monochromatic & Expensive business, style and/or performance.

Power Color #2: Azure Blue

Virgo represents the less obvious traits of Mercury: depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and intelligence. These same traits are also represented by the color blue. Azure blue, in different values, is the color of a clear sky, representing Virgo's clear favor by heaven. Azure is a statement of intelligence, favor & power when worn by anyone with their Midheaven in Virgo.

Cleanliness & Purity

Virgo Midheaven natives may not be Virginal, but the Virgo at their public image allows them to operate under the guise of chaste, cleanliness & purity, much longer than most other people.


The Virgo Midheaven looks great in "gender bending" clothes, women in suits & men in skirts. A Virgo Midheaven man that takes care of himself, is usually not gendered as feminine, but on the contrary, is seen to be a positive masculine role model.

Power Color #3: Red

Virgo is the sacrificial lamb, and can be forced into labor to be of service to all mankind. And for that, the color of blood red, can be a power color--Demanding that their work is paid for & that they are not treated as sacrament.


Virgo is the 6th sign & ruled by Mercury which also rules the number 5, so 5 & 6 are lucky numbers. The best letters for branding a logo around are the Mercury (5) ruled Numbers: E, N, W and the Venus (6) ruled Letters: F, O, X. The Sun/Moon (11/2) ruled Letter: K, and the Mars (9) ruled Letter: I, R.

Avoid the Neptune (7) ruled Letters: G, P, & Y

Power Words

Harvest, Law, Christian, Lord, Believe, Soul, Blues, Royalty, Heart, Blood, Wine, Drunk, Gold, Silver, Earth, Healing, Maiden, Time, Reaping, Hunger, Health, Animal, Instinct, Mental, True, Jaded, Hatch, Birth, Flower (also specific flower types such as Lily, Rose, etc), Awakening, Sensual, Build, Perfect, Better, Bad, Good, Body, Naked, Vulnerable, Skin.

Virgo Midheaven Celebrities

(Common Virgo MC Rising Signs)

Capricorn Rising

  • Lorde

  • Steve Irwin

Scorpio Rising

  • Vin Diesel

  • Jaden Smith

  • Chrissy Teigen

  • David Lynch

  • Margaret Thatcher

  • Edward Norton

    • Liz Greene

    • Jessica Chastain

    • Edith Piaf

    • Vanessa Paradis

    • Lily-Rose Depp

    • Justin Bieber

    • Chris Evans

Sagittarius Rising

  • Joe Biden

  • Evan Rachel Wood

  • Kesha

  • Bruce Lee

    • Elvis

    • Leonardo DaVinci

    • Bob Marley

    • Mark Ruffalo

    • Erykah Badu

    • Sarah Silverman

    • Marlon Brando

    • Brad Pitt

    • Kim Kardashian

    • Jennifer Lawrence

    • Jessica Biel

The Lifestyle Aesthetic.

Virgo is the sign of Life, so using Life’s energy or your own Life makes a powerful statement.


Physical activity in Lifestyle. Not only showing a healthy lifestyle, such as walking (or working out if you do that), but showcasing movement in your photos & posts, no stagnant poses.

Food & Health.

Virgo is the sign of health, so using food in ways that express health, earth consciousness, & an enjoyment of life, works wonders.

Enjoyment of Earth.

Vacations. Sandy Beach. Ocean. Cityscape. Lights. Organic Material like Wood &  Earth.  Organic Enjoyment of Your Surroundings.

Virgo Midheaven Pinterest

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