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Capricorn, you are not only the most powerful, hard-working Zodiac sign, you are also the most interesting—and that is an unequivocal fact. The only people who won’t agree with this statement, just don’t “get” you. And that is their fault, not yours.

You’re funny, but a lot of your jokes are too intelligent, so they go over people’s heads. You’re interesting, but you’re selective in who you speak to, so people assume you’re boring. You care a lot, but out of a need to protect yourself, you act like you don’t care at all, which offends people.

People tend to love Capricorns, but they love their own consistency more, and Capricorn is the final Cardinal sign. Cardinal signs are consistent in only one regard, and that is in their inconsistency. They will do most anything to get what they want, even if that means changing their mind mid-deal, and reevaluating situations over and over, until they get them right.

You are very similar to your Cardinal counterparts, but unlike Aries, you don’t give up when it doesn’t work out the first time. Unlike Cancers, you won’t let your need for isolation, get in the way of networking. Unlike Libra’s, you don’t spend your time caring about what other people think of you. You are the Cardinal sign in it’s best light—and under said light, Capricorns rarely go unnoticed, which can come with recognition both good and bad.

You’re the ruler of the 10th house. The house of career, ambition, public life, and fame. A lot of celebrities have strong Capricorn in their chart. You work five-times harder, and you shine one hundred times brighter than the next person, and you’re too busy to notice.

You’re ruled by Saturn, the planet of restrictions and lessons, and therefore you’re constantly jumping over hurdles, breaking through walls, and pushing past barriers, which can be very exhausting. Rarely do we see Capricorns smiling. You run one marathon, and the moment you cross the finish line, you’ve started another one.

Secretly, Capricorns have lived harder lives than the rest of us. You are constantly fighting the pushback from the Universe, and yes, it seems like everyone is against you. But in the end, you will find that the only reason the Universe was such a dick, was to teach you how powerful you really are.

You are the STRONGEST sign of the zodiac, because you have to use your strength every day.  You always get up. You always get better. You always exceed people’s expectations.You are always screaming, “look at me now!”  But if you’re not there yet, if you find yourself, once again, on the bottom rung, I bet I can read your thoughts. You’re thinking, “I’ll show them!”

And you will.

You can’t put a Capricorn in a box. You are neither offensive, nor defensive—but you are always playing the game. Capricorns don’t get benched. If you’re sitting this one out, it’s because you chose to.

You have drive, determination and ambition, and you take your life seriously.You are going to win, and you will win on your own merit. You can’t be bothered to care if people like you—though you would like them to respect you. Capricorn is about power, and you will do what it takes to achieve that, on any terms.

You are consistently driving to be better than what people have made you feel. So you reevaluate who you are, you reimagine your life, and you work to be better than who you were. And if at first you don’t succeed, you will try again.

No pressure Capricorn, but if you can’t do it, no one can. You’re the stuff of legends. You are what the history books are made of. I mean, go look, the history books are literally full of great Capricorns.

We give you shit, because it makes us feel better–we know you are the hardest act to follow. Maybe you were not the first, maybe you are not the last, but you are the greatest. You are the one we remember. Saturn makes sure that what you say and do will be around forever. So try not to be discouraged when the going gets tough, you are meant to reach your goal, and that dream will live on long after you do.

And so Capricorn, that is why I love you.

Alyssa Sharpe

Alyssa Sharpe is an Astrologer, YouTuber, Artist, Writer and Creator of the Ascension System. Follow her on Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more.