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Leo, you are the Lion King.The head of the Zodiac’s Royal Family. Every part of you is to be admired, hell, even your hair has it’s own fan club. I don’t think you need more of an introduction, so let’s just start.

You are ruled by the Sun, so you are the center of the Zodiac. Every other planet in the Solar System, or each sign ruler, revolves around you. Literally and figuratively, we are pulled to serve you. It’s no surprise that a Leo will demand this sort of attention—it’s in your walk, the way you talk, and your overall charismatic demeanor.

Some have said that Leo only cares for themselves, but over the years, I’ve learned that your heart is overflowing with love for your friends and family, and you greatly appreciate the love you get in return. After all, Leo is the sign of Friendship, Aries is the sign of Self. Those who are out of your inner circle, have no reason to expect your unconditional love–that love is priceless and meant for your true friends, only.

You are the 5th sign, made of the Sun’s fire and heat. Created from the summertime. To me this means that you are the personification of happiness. Of living in the moment. Of laughing loudly and often. Of chasing fun times and destroying hardships.

You are carefree and nonchalant, but also a driven and ambitious creator. You put plan into action. And your plans are glorious. Glorious is such a good word for you, Leo.

Leo is always trying to keep everyone in the moment. No past problems or future worries keep you down, your only thought is, “How do we keep the moment bigger, better, and more exciting?” You are very happy in the moments that you create, and ultimately so are we.

You are a true romantic and in love with the art of life. You know how to make someone feel special, how to make us laugh.

You look at the world with a wonder and bemusement, but at the same time you are intelligent and innovative, creative and amused by everything. It’s no wonder that Leo is the sign of the child–growing, moving, dancing, feeling, planning, accepting and still holding on to the idea that everything is going to be okay.

Sometimes we need to take life seriously, but sometimes we need to be more like the Leo and choose happiness–choose to live, laugh and love.

And that Leo, is why I love you.

Alyssa Sharpe

Alyssa Sharpe is an Astrologer, YouTuber, Artist, Writer and Creator of the Ascension System. Follow her on Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more.