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This is what I love about Pisces.

I love Pisces because — wait, you already know what I’m going to say.  After all, you are psychics of the Zodiac, right?

You’ve actually dreamt about this exact scenario two weeks ago. But I was an owl and you were a mermaid and it took place in the Pacific ocean, and your 2nd grade teacher was there, and she was all like yelling at you for turning in your subtraction homework late.

But you were like, “I’m talking to this owl about self love! Stop it with math, lady!” And you had intense anxiety about the whole thing, so when you turned back, I was no longer an owl, but your college roommate and I were naked. No. you were naked, and we were driving a Prius. Then you woke up.

Or something like that.

Keeping up with this psychic theme, instead of writing anything, I’m going to think a bunch of happy thoughts about you, and then I’m going to go on with the rest of my day. You’ll KNOW what I was going to say—

I’m just kidding. I know Pisces love to read, and I won’t take that away from you.

Pisces, you are ruled by Neptune, AKA Poseidon, AKA the God of the Sea. You are not just a water sign, You RULE the water. All water. The Cancer’s Moon controls the tides from the sky, and the Scorpio’s Scorpion has nothing to do with water, so let’s be clear here: If there was a water sign that was actually wet, it would be YOU.

You are not just learning about emotions, you are emotion. You even control other’s emotions, which in turn, move them. Like the water, flowing from one ocean into another, you have no boundaries. We are not human, we our soul vessels, and you know how to access each one of us.

You can read our minds through the energy that we let loose on our faces. Nothing gets by you, and sometimes you find yourself in compromising positions because of this. You may even realize that your whole life has been an act. Surrendering yourself to the will of everyone else, and pretending that you don’t understand, when you actually do.

Pisces know things. You dream them. Feel them. Become them. Are them.

You ARE whatever we say you are, because if you were not, why would you agree? You agree because that’s easier than upsetting the status quo. A quo that you are always trying to figure out.
Pisces are beautiful in the physical sense and the spiritual sense. You were not created for this simple world, and that shows in your movements, in your actions, and in your appearance. Most Pisces have a nondescript face, like you could be anyone. Like you could be my best friend’s ex girlfriend’s sister. Because who are you really?

You are the 12th house. The house of your unconscious, spiritual awakenings, and undoing. You are kind to animals and all men, and you will stay that way, until you pull the victim card—which doesn’t look good on you, no matter how much help it may get you. You see, Pisces don’t need help. You already contain every Zodiac sign’s power within your own.

You are everybody and nobody.  You are made of stars and of the world. You are connected to the skies, and connected to people. You were meant to achieve greatness in whatever area you choose. You just have to choose.

Pisces are rebellious clairvoyants, and that’s why some might be afraid to trust you, but it is only Pisces that can be entrusted with such a gift. Your ruler Neptune, is the higher vibration of Venus, the planet of love. You are LOVE.

Neptune can create an illusion around you, as well as delusion or disillusionment, inside and out. Sometimes you are wearing rose-colored glasses, other times, everything is too real. But on both sides of your existence, we see the truth about everything. You are crucial to our understanding of our greater purpose here on earth.

Pisces you are the most beautiful, ethereal chameleon. You have style and grace, and can morph into whoever you need to be, for whatever reason you need it.  Queen Victoria was talking about Pisces when she said, “Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous.”

So please keep on lucid dreaming my beautiful, wise, Pisces Mermaid, gods and goddesses. And we will keep admiring everything that you are allowed to be in this life.

And that Pisces, is why I love you.

Alyssa Sharpe

Alyssa Sharpe is an Astrologer, YouTuber, Artist, Writer and Creator of the Ascension System. Follow her on Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more.